I am a housewife!

22nd of May marked the last day I clocked out (punch out) from office. From then on, home is my new office. It is an adventure I have to say, since I do not really have plans at the moment. All I know now is I need to complete my PhD and ICSA, soonest as may be. 

But being a housewife might tell a different story because the bed is so near, oh did I mention you can go to the fridge anytime you like??? Hahaha. Both of us are aware that Mr H will be the only breadwinner of the family now. I do have some part time jobs and also planning to ask for study loan/ scholarship. Let us see how it goes. 

Things are a bit tight right now but hey, we keep telling ourselves it is for the better future. I can't be commuting to work everyday (2 hours on the road) if at the end of the month there is no surplus at all from my salary. God, I know how to use the word surplus now! After struggling completing the financial accounting assignment for ICSA :P 

People who are involved in business will agree with me right? If there is no profit at all, and you find yourself in debt, then it is not worth it. So I decided to cut my losses. Now I have to think how do I repay my credit card debt, all accumulated through fuel usage hmmm... 

Relying on one income and living in KL is of course, not a joke. Even though we don't have any children, it is still quite difficult. I am not saying that it is impossible, we still get to eat 3times a day. But no lavish spendings anymore! 

Everytime Mr H got his salary, I will carefully plan our budget for the month, prioritize all the bills then the savings. We cut anything that we feel is trivial and gave huge impact on our finance. Staying in an apartment, we have three parking lots, but since we only have one car at the moment, we decided to rent out two of the lots to someone else. See??!! Money coming in! Ka-ching!!! Hahaha 

I tend to read financial management books a lot, also finding lots of information through websites. Reading on tips on savings. I might share some of it here later. Two months after following one simple tips, I already saved RM 400, not bad isn't it? Taking the ICSA course helps a lot too because I learnt so many financial terms that I can relate while learning new things from financial management books. Well, these are the sacrifices if I really want to see my plan works. 

I want to opt for early retirement. At the age of 45. Another 11 years to go. I am hoping that after 45, I will only work for fun, not for the money anymore. How do I view my life? I want to be closer to God. That is why I hope at the age of 45 I can relax and dedicate my time to Him. I must have plans to make it real. InsyaAllah. Please pray for me!

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