Islam is the way of life

Using Islam as a shield for violence is not how a Muslim should portray himself. Moreover when you use it to attack people. Venting out your anger like you had done nothing wrong before it's like.... no comment for that. 

Remember what Rasulullah told us? When you are angry drink some water and retain the water in your mouth. This is to prevent you from saying things that you will regret later. I wish we as Muslims will be the frontier in setting good examples to all the non-Muslims out there. We always have Allah to guide us. If you feel that something is not right, the first thing you should do, ask for guidance from Allah. 

Do not let anger conquer you. You should conquer your anger and not the other way round. I am frustrated that people is using Islam to cover their misdeeds and wrongdoings. Violence is justified in the name of protecting religion. If that is the way we act and react, then how do we show good examples to the non-Muslim? 

If something went wrong, assess yourself first, maybe you did something that is against the religion. Seek forgiveness from Allah. Pointing fingers to others is not a mature way in dealing with problems. Life is not full of roses. Sometimes bad things happen in life. This is where you should learn. You can't keep on being angry to the world whenever things go wrong. 

Be an adult and deal with your problems like an adult. And if things did not go the way you like it, remember...Allah wants it to be that way. This is where you should pay attention to the hints that He is giving you.♡

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  1. Agree...Allah don't want us to be arrogant instead He wants us to be full of humility.