Surrounds yourself with positive vibes!


Hehehe... this is a very fine day. Do not let negative thoughts hinder you from doing what you want. Didn't our maths teacher teach us in school, when you multiply negative with positive, the answer will be negative. Errr...this is correct isn't it? Lawyers are never good with numbers :P

Sometimes I see people gets angry over trivial matters. Or people gets upset over something. I am no motivational speaker. But do you realize there is a greater force that is controlling all this? I do get angry over things. When I was younger, I tend to get angry over almost everything hahaha. And I do get upset and disappointed when things did not go as planned. But after a while I learnt that everything is planned for us by the greater force, Allah. If things go wrong, Allah wants it to be that way. For us to learn a thing or two about life. And believe me kunfakayun, whenever Allah said that it will not happen then it will not happen, not even if you had sweat and tears and blood spilled all over it.

There are things that we as a human, can't change. So what is left for us then? Just accept gracefully and move forward. Take for example if you spilled coffee over your blouse, that you just bought yesterday, yes your RM 500 blouse paid with credit card. God, I made it sound so dramatic hahaha. I guess your reaction will be the same as mine, ANGRY! Foul offensive words will come out from our mouth. You see, we never learn to accept this is one of the things that we cannot change. No matter what we do or say. The blouse now is covered with coffee, it will leave stains. But what can you do NEXT. How do you settle the issue? Send it to dry cleaners maybe? Or apply clorox to the stained part? Cursing all the way won't help. It's not like after cursing the stain on your blouse will fade. They are not afraid of the foul words you used against them hehehe.

Just be positive. There are reasons why such things happened. I agree, sometimes we can't think of the reasons but then again, it is not our job to think about it. Our job is to think how to settle it and move on. After few days, you will be talking and laughing about this matter as you tell it to your family and friends.

So guys! This analogy works for life too. Don't be too hard on yourselves. I guess I had fallen so many times in life that I just could not be bothered to overthink about it anymore hahaha. Whenever I have problems my first thought that come to mind - How do I settle this. And I know I had to do it fast because there are many, many, many problems ahead that will rear its ugly heads :P

One tips is to surrounds yourself with positive vibes. Laugh a lot. Even when it is not that funny. Errr Mr H gets angry at me sometimes because I will just laugh and when he asked what's funny dear? I couldn't answer because I don't know what's funny. I just know I need a good laugh.

Try to be positive all the way. Come on just try it for three days and you will notice the difference. Rezeki will come your way and you will feel healthier.

Live life to the fullest!!!

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