What do you do when you feel you were cheated?

Earlier this year I bought a handphone from a shopping centre in Shah Alam. It is of course the most famous place to get electronic devices in Shah Alam. Being a noob in this IT thing I remember asking the salesperson, "You are giving me the original right? I don't want AP set!" To which he confirmed that the set he is selling is indeed original. So I paid for it. However, my plan for the handphone did not work out and to cut a long story short, I feel that I need to resell it. (Do not forget that I am a full time housewife and view every item as an opportunity for money making, hahaha)

So we went to that place again and tried to resell it, first to a different shop. We were both shocked when that shop refused to buy that handphone and told us that it is not an original set, it is AP and there is no value at all for the handphone. In fact, I should just give it to someone for free. I was astounded. I remembered vividly how I asked the seller to verify the authenticity of the handphone.

Mr H's reaction, was of course, ANGRY! He said we should go straight to the shop where we bought the handphone. So off we went. Both of us are law teachers and still we find it difficult to find the correct words to express our disappointment to the seller. We finally talked to the boy who sold the handphone to us. He denied it. He said it is original and demanded to know who told us that it is AP set??? He looked as if he wanted to go and give that person a punch.

We told him it does not matter now, all we want is our money back, we know we will not get the full amount but please at least give us what we deserved. If not, we will make a police report and report this matter to KDNKK for them to investigate.

The boy did not say much, he agreed to buy back the handphone at quite a reasonable price. Until today, I still have the feeling that we might had been conned. The handphone was not original. But you see, why can't people just lodge a report to the responsible authority if such things happen. Why do you need to start a riot? Again I wonder why the Low Yat incident had to happened during holy Ramadhan. The month where we were supposed to increase our patience. Don't turn it into a racial issue. No matter what the problem was and no matter who was involved, there is always a medium to settle this. Oh Allah, guide us, please...4 days to Aidilfitri!

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  1. Islam never teaches us to be racist ...one that have root in arrogance of mankind.