Your views, my views?

We are still in the raya mood. Open houses everywhere not to mention the jam. Yesterday we were out until 11pm. Such a long day!

Anyway, talking about views. I feel that some people always force other people to agree with their views. And they would not take no for an answer. Never mind that they had actually never contributed anything in your life, except criticizing your every move.

Take for example when I decided to resign. Wow! So many negative remarks I heard. One particular colleague even told me, "If that is the reason you want to resign (I put the blame on travelling), then I am sure that even after you had completed your PhD you still will not be happy". I was stunned. Shouldn't I just get a good luck wish?

There were others who worried that I will not survive, financially. That's funny. Because since travelling to work a year ago, my cash flow is shaky few times but still I did not ask for anything, from anyone. So you see? I wonder why people keeps thinking they are so good in giving out advices?

When raya comes, we want to visit our friends, relatives etc. And this is when these people will crack the question such as "When are you getting married?" or "Don't you have a boyfriend yet?". Seriously peeps, don't you believe in Allah. These are all depend on rezeki. If it is already written by Allah that some of us would not get married, then be it. I am sure they had done their best in finding one. Sometimes I understand that they did not do anything in order to find a spouse because of what they had experienced. So who are we to judge them? Just doa for them that everything will turn out well.

As for Mr H and me, we always get questions "No children yet????" The questions are always directed at me (if you take one look at Mr H's face then you will know why hahaha). Whenever we explain that we don't think that we want children of our own, they go what??? really??? how??? Oh my, isn't this our life we are talking about and can you please let us decide? And some of them will start giving us lectures, giving hadith and Quranic verses to make us feel guilty.

Sometimes I can't help but wonder didn't they ever think that there are plenty of hadith and Quranic verses for them too? Some of their children are dropped out from college, some are too busy making babies (out of wedlock). Had u been a good parent to your children? That is what you should think about before commenting on other people's decision. Once, a colleague sent a whatsapp stating that she sympathize with my life and asked whether I had done anything (medically) to conceive? So I replied that we actually don't want any children. And then she started giving me lectures that we should have children so that they can doa for us. Hmmm, just one week earlier I remember she told me that she had problem with one of her children, stubborn. So I replied, trying to be polite, well Aisyah the Prophet's wife, did not have any children and yet the Prophet loves her very much. If children is the key for you to enter heaven then surely Allah will make sure Aisyah has one of her own?

I have students telling me they feel that they don't want to get married because of what they had seen in life. Be it personal family problems or from watching other people's life. My respond will always be, well as long as you are happy. It is true right! First, you have to be happy. Then whatever decisions you make in life, the important thing that you have to consider is whether you can live with it or not? And be happy.

Maybe it is time for me to start having a face like Mr H, he certainly has the DON'T MESS WITH ME FACE! Hahaha.

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