A Beanie experience

If you look at the layout of this blog, and you know me personally, then you will know there is no way that I did all of these by myself. Credit to Mr H, yay! Mr H had been very supportive since I started blogging. He had spend days and nights watching youtube and googling "how to", hahaha. The result is amazing as you can see. Well, for a novice, you can't expect much. But Mr H managed to bring life to this blog. Now the blog looks interactive.

So of course he labelled it as labour of love and also wants something in return:( He said as a token of appreciation, he wants me to buy him a movie, but not the standard ticket. He wants to have a new experience.

It seems that TGV offers few types of cinemas so I decided that we should try the Beanie this time. The ticket can be bought online. Seriously, it is very easy. It costs RM 25 per ticket and they will charge you RM 1 for transaction fee, so altogether I paid RM 51. I paid by using credit card. The process only took like 3 minutes or so. The movie was Mr H's choice - The 5th Wave (will review about this later). 

After the transaction has completed, you will receive an email from them. 

The confirmation slip is attached as PDF. Our show is scheduled to be at 11.10 p.m.

I did not print it out, to save the trees and the environment, hahaha. It's plainly because I'm too lazy to set the printer on. So I thought, I will just show them the email in my phone. What's the point of having a smartphone right? You need to be smart.

Mr H can't wait to experience Beanie

Manage to take selfie on the escalator

So we arrived around 11.00 p.m. and went straight to the counter to collect our ticket. But the girl at the counter told us, "Oh, you can go straight to the entrance to the cinemas", hahaha. Such noobs. Well, our first time. Who knows with Beanie tickets you will get first class treatment where you don't even have to pick up the tickets!

At the entrance, we showed the guy in charge the email and he said, "You don't need tickets. This email is enough". So again, both of us smiled sheepishly, hehehe. Mr H asked whether we can enter and he replied, showing the signs at the entrance, "You can enter when the Beanie sign turns green". Like this. See the signage, BeaniePlex?

The BeaniePlex green signage

Since we still have time we decided to buy some popcorn and drinks. I was sad they did not serve salty popcorn, I am not a fan of those sweet popcorn. But then, my eyes caught something. hihihi. Cheesy popcorn???? Yay!!! This must be new, so we decided to buy the combo. Large!

We were quite late, because of the queue to buy popcorn. At the entrance, the guy just read the email and key in something to the PC in front of him, maybe the serial number. When we arrived in front of the BeaniePlex cinema, I opened the door to let Mr H in first because he was holding the large popcorn but I was amazed to see, after the door, there was another door. Wow, double security for BeaniePlex, hahaha. 

OK, now the Beanie. Hmmm, our first time trying this out. The beanie was a bit hard and the few minutes were spent trying to find the best position we can. I felt awkward. Mr H tried to punch the beanie few times so that I can be comfortable. It seems that the position of the beanie makes you slump, and I think it is very uncomfortable to watch the movie because the screen will be at a very high position. I am not sure what others think though because it looks like they were very comfortable like they were watching movies at home :( Maybe Mr H and me came from the kampung so we don't know how to enjoy this luxurious experience, hahaha.  

Mr H and me trying to get comfortable

Mr H already comfortable, not sure with the beanie or the popcorn, hahaha

Plus, the movie was not considered as a big shout out, so I think what we both enjoyed most was finishing the large popcorn, hahaha. Seriously, thumbs up to TGV for the Cheesy Popcorn on their menu. It is going to be a hit!

So, after going through this experience at BeaniePlex, we are planning to watch movie at the Luxe cinemas, insyaAllah. I will share the experience then. 

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