A student in need is a student indeed - Tree Steak House Kg Dato' Keramat

Fakhri was my student when he was doing his Foundation Studies. There was indeed a memorable incident that happened during that time. But why dwell in the past, hahaha. What amazed me is that he never take heart of what had happened, or maybe he just keep it in his heart and wait for it to explode. That, I can't comment, hahaha. After his Foundation, he went to UUM to complete his degree and I remember that he would call me every semester to update his status. I know he wanted to do his degree in UiTM, very much. But UUM is where his rezeki is and Allah knows best. Today, I can't be more proud of him!

When Mr H was hospitalized because of dengue, he came twice to visit with his wife, Miza. His wife was also my former student, but I seriously cannot remember her. Well, you know there is a saying, teachers only remember those students who gave them problem, hahaha. No offence ya Fakhri. You are of course, an excellent student! He even went to look for the zam zam water for Mr H to drink when he was down with dengue. And mind you, he came all the way from KL. Just imagine the distance and the tol he had to pay. Nevertheless, he had never once came with empty hands. Always with something for Mr H. 

Fate definitely brought us closer when both of us worked at the same place. I am teaching part time there and he was their legal executive. Sometimes I do highlight this fact to my students, "Do you know your legal executive was my student" hahaha. Once, he accompanied me to pick up my cheque from the Finance Department. And of course I get first class treatment because I was accompanied by a legal executive! I think this is one of the wonders when you are a teacher.

One day, after I finished my class, I was ready to go home so I walked to the car park. However, to my horror, when I push the car key button, there was no sound of the alarm, at all. It was already 6.30 p.m. by then. To sum everything up, I am glad that Allah has planned for me to be a teacher. In the midst of panicking, I received a whatsapp from Fakhri, asking about something else actually. I told him about my situation then. And he called me back immediately. He told me to wait there as he would come over and in the meantime he would call the guards to come and helped to jump start my car. I forgot that I have a student working there :)

The guards then came and helped to jump start the car. So my car was already fine. However, I could not drive back home yet because Mr H was already on his way to where I was. Mr H arrived first, then Fakhri arrived. Alhamdulillah, everything went well that night. So as a token of appreciation, we want to buy him and his wife dinner.

This is the place that they had chosen. Tree Steak House in Kg Dato' Keramat. If you are ever in that area, this is the GPS.

This place served Western food. The three of us ordered steak that night. Only Miza ordered chicken. It was raining heavily, so we need more meat. Good excuse? Hahaha.

These are for starters. Salad and onion ring. I wonder why they were all not interested into starters. It seems that I was the only one who ate them all.

This is Miza's food. I think it's grilled chicken. Covered with black pepper sauce. So tempting!

The three of us ordered different types of steak. But I already forgot the names hahaha. I am not sure though why it is different. Maybe the sauce. I notice that mine did not have the red gravy like Fakhri and Mr H.

This is mine, mine, mine.

Fakhri and Mr H. Not sure which is which, hahaha. But from the look at the first picture I had uploaded here, everything is delicious. Because in the end, none can be seen anymore.

 A close up.

The price was reasonable too. The bill came about to RM 101 for the four of us. I do think it's reasonable. Will definitely come again to this restaurant!

So Fakhri and Miza, wish you both all the happiness in the world. May Allah bless both of you and your future newborn too :)

P/S: Mr H and me wonder when does a corpie usually gets his salary? Hahaha.

Fakhri is also a registered agent for Takaful. You can contact him if you are interested in getting Takaful insurance policy.

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