Beautiful notebook

I am just old fashioned this way. I love to write my thoughts in a notebook. Cute notebooks! And I will go all the way just to buy one, or two, or three, hahaha. Once I fell in love with the Starbucks planner, and I went there everyday to buy the drinks to that I can later exchange my points for the planner. Mr H was angry because that means he had to finished all the drinks. I was not interested in the drinks. I just want the planner, hahaha! And this happened 2 years ago. What is the status of the planner now? Clean and unused :)

Currently, Mr H and I had too many projects going on that involve writing. I get the idea to write Submitting to Allah while I was on the commuter so that is why I need to have my notebook in my backpack. Always. 

  The notebook I am using now.

These are some of the notebooks I have. If you can see the pink one, that was a birthday gift from my friend Noorul when we were both studying in Australia. 10 years ago. Yup, still intact! The problem is that when it is too cute, then I don't have the heart to write in it. I will go and buy another one. And the cycle goes on and on, hahaha.

Some of them we had given to few students, because it can't fit the shelves anymore. I think this is like the shawl mystery. After giving them out, the notebooks will still keep appearing and fill the shelves by themselves, hahaha. 

Initially, I bought these notebooks as gifts to students if they get excellent marks in their tests. But I do have second thoughts now, hahaha.

So now is making this post, about more cute notebooks??!!! Time to shop online again!!! Hmmmm..... You can also read the post and look at the beautiful, pretty and cute notebooks that they have here in Malaysia. Oh my, they are so cute they are going to burn the holes in your pocket, again!

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