Do you stumble?

This is one of the poems adapted from the book I had written, Submitting to Allah

Do you stumble?

How many times had you actually fall,
Sometimes you walk and sometimes you crawl,
Crying has become a part time hobby,
And it makes you wonder whether you are a baby.

No matter how difficult the situation is,
Proceed with your life, do whatever you please,
The rainbow will come and follow the rain,
Tell it to slowly kiss away your pain.

Nurnazida Nazri

As I had mentioned earlier, writing this book was actually not in my to-do list. I had few projects with Mr H and this book was not one of them. 

I am quite close to my students, even though they claimed that I look like a tigress, hahaha. Oh well, and they still come to me with their problems eh? 

I have no objections to that. I like to listen to them because I can learn a lot about life too. They are welcome to whatsapp me anytime they want. Even after I resigned, the whatsapp never stop coming in. Or maybe I should just block them, hahaha.

They are the one who inspired me to write this poem. Some of them only want perfection in life that they can not accept defeat at all. Failing at something scare them to death. Some of them keep asking why do they keep falling, again and again. And some of them are already thinking about giving up when they are only in their 20s!!! 

As humans, we will NEVER reach perfection. The tests that come from Allah are meant to strengthen our belief in Him. Have you ever feel that there is no where to turn to, that you are so helpless and like nobody care about you? Allah is always there my dear. Try talking to Him. 

I worry when one of my students told me, "I don't know what else to do madam. I think I am a failure." He probably doesn't know how many times I had fail just to be where I am now. And I do still fail sometimes. But why do you have to be so hard on yourself. You only tried once and you are ready to give up? 

Like I had written in my book, you have to present the best and then leave the rest to Allah. Everything is fated. Even if you fail, you do not have to regret because it is all part of the learning process. You can never reach perfection. Just continue to try again, and again until you pass it.

So whenever you are asked with this question 'Do you stumble?' This should be your answer -

'Yes, absolutely. But I will never let it stop me from trying again and again. Defeat will not hinder me from getting what I want, with the blessing of Allah. InsyaAllah.'

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