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I received an email from Edmund, the Affiliate Acquisition Executive of Lazada inviting me to attend the Lazada Affliate Meet-up. I was surprised because I am new to this. Anyway, I replied the email saying that I will attend with Mr H, of course.

So the day arrived. We followed the GPS given by Edmund. The address states that the Meet-up will be at Menara Worldwide, Bukit Bintang. To be honest, both of us are not familiar with the name of the building. So we just follow the GPS. The GPS brought us to Pavilion! And in front of the Pavilion, the GPS repeatedly said it out loud, "You have arrived at your destination!" But we can't see any building named Menara Worldwide. Mr H decided to park our car at Pavilion and then we can ask someone from there. 

We went to the information counter and asked. She told us to exit the door and continue to walk until the end of the road. Still, no sign of Menara Worldwide. We saw a guard and asked again. The guard told us to turn right and we did. It brought us to the same place where the GPS told us that we had arrived. But that is not Menara Worldwide.

The last resort, we asked a taxi driver, who then asked his friend. He showed us one high building that is quite far from where we were standing. He said Menara Worldwide is the one with AIA written on it. Mr H said we will try but if that is not the building then we should just go home. It was already late. The function might have started for a long time.

So we arrived at the building, however we took the wrong lift and were surprised to see only toilets are on that floor, hahaha. We asked the guard at the reception and he showed us the correct lift to take.

So when we arrived Edmund was already wrapping up his presentation. So sad :( But he promised to send us the slides.

Edmund was briefing us about this program.

Oh my! I paid more attention than I did in my Corporate Secretaryship class, hahaha.

I brought Mr H along as my Technical Adviser. He needs to learn all this from now on. My task is only to write, hahaha. And he has to know how to link here and there. 

There was also a Lucky Draw at the end of the session. Of course our number was not drawn :( We were not lucky, probably have to 'mandi bunga', hahaha.

Congratulations to those who were lucky that day!

So, the moment that I had waited, finally arrived. Foodie time! Excuse me, I had walked nearly 600 metres to reach Lazada. I need fuel to recharge, hahaha.

We were talking to Edmund, asking him if he could give us another lecture, hahaha. Since we arrived late.

We meet lots of new friends there. I was embarrassed actually because the first question they asked, "Who are you? How long have you been blogging?" Hahaha.

Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rendang.

Thank you for this delicious food Lazada. It is worth it now to pay RM 6 for our parking at Pavilion, hahaha.

Edmund and his friends explained to us about Lazada policy. If you notice, there are some of the items that arrived very quickly and some of them need 7 to 10 days for shipping. That is because some of the items of Lazada are brought in from China directly. Lazada cut the middle man so that the customer get more value for their money. But you need to wait longer than the other items. It's your choice anyway :) If you feel you can wait, then you can buy the items that are located in China. The description of the delivery item is stated in Lazada website.

We learned a lot that day. From Edmund and his team, also from other bloggers. 

A big thank you to Lazada. Anyway, I was told that there will be another big event host by Lazada after the Chinese New Year. Hope to be invited again ya! 

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