Good news vs. Bad news

If we are given a choice, we would want to choose receiving good news everyday. Nobody, i believe wants to receive bad news. However, life definitely has given us a fair share of both.

The moment we feel that we are receiving bad news, one after another, we are neglecting the fact that we also had received good news too. Probably not as much as the bad news. But life is not a bed full of roses right?

Previously whenever I received bad news, I would grumble and complaint and blame everything that I can point finger to. But time has definitely changed me and turned me into a mature person to deal with all kind of news, good or bad.

Bad news are not and will not be permanent. You just have to know how to handle it in order to keep living. Life goes on, it has to be.

Well, as you can guess from this writing, I received one bad news this morning. Of course it caught me by surprise and I wasn't prepared for this. But then I tried to list down all the good news that I received this week and I blushed. I received more good news than bad news and if one bad news think that it can bring me down. Well, you definitely had messed with the wrong girl!

I have to thank Mr H for being there always, as my pillar of strength. So bad news, if you want to try to mess with me, you have to go through Mr H first! Hahaha.

May our love grow through this testy moment. Maybe we had been neglecting Allah as of late because we paid attention more to dunya. MasyaAllah. Thank you Allah for the reminder.

Take a moment and enjoy the view!


  1. I agree. For the current issue nowadays, people tend to focus on the bad side of everyone before realizing that they have done more good than bad. Till this day, I see that people remember more of the bad than good. Like what you've said, life is giving fair share for both sides. I hope that each of us realize what we did wrong and hope to make betterment for ourselves first.

    I believe we have time to change ourselves to be better and learn from these mistakes. People will still remember what we did wrong but what matters is that we learnt and we change to be better.

    As referring back to this blog post, we need to realize that bad news always bring us down but we got to look at another point where good news are always more than bad news and that we should appreciate the goods that happen in our lives.

  2. We tend to forget all the blessings that we had encountered, just because of one small mishaps. Hmmmm...human. Well, sometimes I did too hahaha.