Hakimi's solemnization, love is in the air!

So last Thursday my uncle, sent me an invitation through whatsapp. An invitation to attend the solemnization of his son, Hakimi and his future wife. I received the wedding reception invitation quite some time ago but I already declined since the date clashed with our schedule. We are supposed to check in at Avani Resort, Sepang on the same date of the wedding reception.

However, the solemnization was supposed to take place on Friday, 8th of January 2016 so I thought we should attend since we are checking in at Avani only on Saturday. The solemnization was at Masjid Besi, Putrajaya. I did ask my aunty if she wants a lift and she said OK.

So around 4 pm the three of us was on our way to Masjid Besi. I had never been to this mosque, I had read somewhere that this is Neelofa's favourite place for her iktikaf. So anyway, when we reached Putrajaya, Mr H told me to find Masjid Besi in google maps. When I key in Masjid Besi, the address that appeared was Masjid Sultan Mizan. My aunty said that must be wrong because Masjid Sultan Mizan is the other mosque in Putrajaya. We followed the google maps anyway, and when we arrived, it was written on the board as Masjid Sultan Mizan. So, now I know that Masjid Besi is also known as Masjid Sultan Mizan. The other mosque is known as Masjid Putra.

When we arrived, it was time to perform Asar prayer. We headed to the ablution area. I had to tell you that it was quite far, from the ablution area to the praying area. So much so that some of them decided to pray under the stairs, to avoid the walking. I myself was panting and out of breath because the escalator was not working and we had to take the stairs. I wonder how the elders are going to pray because the stairs are quite high. The plan inside the mosque was quite confusing too. To sum up, the amount of steps I had walked that day top the steps I had walked in any other day.

The nikah took place around 5, after Asar. The couples and both their families picked the colour gold as their theme.

The bride...as she was known then...waiting patiently.

 The groom doing last minute checking. On what, I am not sure hahaha. 

A clearer picture of the beautiful bride.

So now, they are husband and wife. And they lived happily ever after. I hope that this relationship continues till Jannah, like every other couples wish...insya Allah.

 This is one of the hantaran. Not sure though from who to who. I took this picture because one of my brother loves this popcorn very much hahaha
Received this picture from my aunty. I did not attend the wedding ceremony for both sides because we already checked in at Avani on Saturday. I believe this is taken at the ceremony held on the bride's side.

To Hakimi and his bride, well wishes from Mr H and me. Both of you will do fine, insyaAllah.

**An update. Received this picture from my aunty. Dark green was the colour they chose for the groom's side.

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