How do I react to bad news? Magnum in Black - Espresso

So in the last post I was talking about the bad news I received. Oh well. Life goes on! Today I went to get Magnum ice-cream for myself, so just consider all the problems had been settled, hahaha.

I've tried the Pomegranate flavour before. How could I not. It's pink! And guess what? I bought only one, for myself. Of course I was attracted to the colour. But when I asked Mr H to take a bite, it came back to me with half portion gone, sob sob...

Yay! To anything in pink!

This is a beautiful shade of pink, wow!

Today I bought the Black Magnum, for sophisticated woman :P I bought two, so that Mr H would not eat half of it and leave me with only half. 

Ok, Mr H please don't eat mine.

Magnum - Black Espresso.

New edition to the Magnum family. Black is definitely slimming.

Oh my! Cracks! Can I go back to the shop and ask for compensation? Another Magnum, hahaha.

T for Tata Magnum. See you in the stomach, hahaha.

Ok, one bite has been taken. The coated part has the coffee-chocolatey taste. I think that the white colour inside is actually vanilla ice-cream. And when you take a bite of the vanilla ice-cream, you can see that the espresso is inside. Yummy! So, the next time I have to burn the midnight oil I know where to get my coffee :)

In the end, everyone lived happily ever after, hahaha.

So guys, what are you waiting for. Go to the nearest store and try this Magnum Espresso. And while you are at it, it would do you no harm to try the Pink version too. Trust me! You won't regret it!

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