How I settled off my credit card?

When I was still working, I travel to and from Shah Alam - Seremban everyday. I worry about my credit card billing...constantly! It seems that no matter how much I pay I still owe them a lot. A big chunk of my salary will go to paying the credit card debt. I have 2 credit cards. At the time I tendered my letter of resignation, I owe RM 10K +++ to Bank A and RM 7K +++ to Bank B. Most of this amount was contributed by my travelling everyday. I had to accept the fact that my salary could not pay for my petrol and tol already so I started to swipe my credit card for almost everything.

So after I resigned, I told Mr H this is the debt that I want to clear off as soon as possible. I did some part time jobs and I shed tears every time I see that more than half of what I earned had gone to paying my credit card :( Imagine working so hard, day and night and sometimes on weekends, but when you received your claim, you barely spend any of it. Moreover, I do not have a fix income anymore so I had to be careful with my spending.

6 months after I resigned, I cleared off my credit card debt with Bank A. Yup! The RM 10K+++. I even cancelled this credit card because I think that the customer service was always rude. I might owe you such a big amount Bank A, but I paid all of it isn't it? The feeling of triumph... after I had paid all the amount, it's like I had won a big race and get a gold medal for it, hahaha.

After I had no more credit card debt with Bank A, the motivation is already there for me to clear off my debt with Bank B. And I did it just a month after I cleared off my debt with Bank A. I finally managed to settle my debt with Bank B but I decided not to cut off this credit card because I still need it for petrol, hotel and flight bookings. And I even paid RM 1K more than the balance of my statement and now there is surplus in my credit card, hahaha.

RM 201.66 surplus in my credit card now! Yes!

I had used this credit card to settle our bills this month, and I am still left with RM 201.66, surplus. I am so happy and over the moon. Now it's time to list down all the other debts and start clearing them one by one. I am so proud because I managed to do it even though I do not have a fix income. I have to work harder to maintain the income that is coming into my bank account.

So, here are some of the points that I observed while trying to reduce my debt, especially the credit card debt.

1. Every time I pay the credit card, I pay more than what is stated in the bank statement. If you can't pay more, at least pay the amount stated in the credit card statement. NEVER pay less than the minimum amount. Your debt will accumulate faster. I know this means less shopping, even after you had already worked so hard. 

2. It is really difficult seeing that a big chunk of what we are getting goes directly to paying the credit card. But then I always tell myself, who in the first place, had put me in this position? Myself, hahaha. So then, harvest what you had planted. Your debt! 

3. I really want to settle off all my debt before I turn 45 so that is my goal now. And I know I have to work harder to achieve that. I like to read the stories of Che Ta, Dr Vida so that it will encourage me to work harder. Few of the bloggers also inspired me to work harder and I am happy to see that they really work hard to kick start their business but now everything is paid off.

4. Islam hates debt. So that is what I tell myself everyday. I am also trying to be a better Muslim, so decreasing the amount of debt is one of the many ways.

5. After I had paid all my credit card debt to Bank A, I feel more encouraged to settle my credit card debt to Bank B. So it was OK for me to stop shopping and buying unnecessary things because I want to settle my debt faster.

6. I hope to go to Makkah for our Haj. And if you still have your debt here, there and everywhere, how can Allah invites you as His guest? This is the saddest part :(

7. I do not want to die with all the debt buried with me. 

So, you see, perseverance again helped me to pay off my credit card debts. And I am happy to say that I do not owe any bank anymore for credit card debt. In fact, the bank is the one owing me now because I paid more, hahaha.


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