How many shawl can a woman have?

Warning! This post is not for Mr H! Hahaha.

So how many shawl can you have in your closet? I have to admit that I have one room dedicated for its safekeeping. Sometimes I even wonder how did the room become pack with shawls so quickly. Recently, I gave away lots of the shawls to one of my aunty, and then in less than 2 weeks, the room is pack again. Something is really wrong somewhere. That is why I said Mr H cannot read this post or there will be 2 hours lecture from him hehehe.

My ex student, Nini recently gave me a half moon shawl in brick red colour. And guess what? I love it so much that I wear it almost every other day! The material is so nice and it is very easy for you to wear it, no matter which style you want it. You can visit her insta for more styles. For the record, I do think I look younger wearing it hahaha. I love it so much that I am ordering more. I hope Nini will sell it to me at discounted price hihihi. 

So guys, if you want to buy these half moon shawls (note that I write in plural, shawls!), you can go to her 
and you can also 
call, sms, whatsapp her at 0138084807.

These are the available colours so far. Your shawls will be posted out every Wednesday and Friday.

 Forest Green

Cinnamon Brown

Dark Purple

 Lavender Purple

Mint Green

 Pure Black

 Brick Red

Navy Blue

Nini told me that there will also be new colours available. Can't wait! Again, this post is not for the eyes of Mr H. Ssshhhhhhh.....

How much per piece? It is only RM 28, but wait!!!
I think buying 4 pieces is easier because the price for 4 pieces is only RM 100 (it will then be RM 25 per piece). 

Trust a lady to still save money while shopping :)

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