How to kick start your writing

I am no expert on this. In fact, I had just found out that I can actually write. I know I can write. But to write something that is meaningful, and attract readers??? I did not know I can do that. I have just started writing recently. That is why in my previous post, I mentioned that I need my notebook to be close to me all the time. I find that waiting for the commuters and lrt waste a lot of my time, so I will write while waiting. 

Some of my writing on the commuter.

I believe that all of us have that hidden talent that we don't know. We just need someone or something to show it to us. Sometimes, we know we have that kind of talent but we never pursue it because the interest is not there. Yes, talent and interest sometimes do not stand side by side.

So I just want to to share with you my tips for writing. This is what I always do. In fact, I am doing a lot of it lately. 90% of my daily jobs/ tasks require me to write.

  1. I will make sure that I always have a notebook and a pen nearby. And I will make sure that the notebook is colourful and can attract my eyes from afar. If the notebook is too plain, then where will the interest to write come from? 
  2. It does not matter if you don't have a plan. Just write whatever you have in mind. And then later you can organize it accordingly. Sometimes this is the part I like. When I organize all my writings, it's like I am playing the jigsaw puzzle game. 
  3. There is no rule saying that you have to write on paper. If you feel better to type it on your laptop, feel free to do so. No one is reporting you to the police. I just feel better writing about it first so that I can cancel it here and there, hahaha. And yes, because I love to look at my worm-like handwriting!
  4. There are times when I was trying to write a poem. After a few sentences I stopped and then the idea of writing a novel seems to drop by. So I just turn over a new page and write down that idea first, There is no use pushing yourself trying to finish the poem. Your brain is just like the laptop. Give it a break! I had always encounter this. I wanted to write about something else and then I get an idea about something else, hahaha. Like I had explained in my earlier post, the idea to write Submitting to Allah came about when I was in the middle of something else.
  5. Do not force yourself! There are times when the idea will come flowing like the river, but remember there are also times when nothing came to mind. So all you do is scribble and scribble and scribble, hahaha. Don't fret. It's normal. That is what we called as mental block. 
  6. How do you overcome mental block? There is no exact way actually. But one advice is for you to leave your writing and go do whatever you want to do first. You can go to the spa, get your hair cut, or my most favourite activities - eating and sleeping, hahaha.
  7. Read what you had written, daily. You will notice that what you may found so interesting last night may not be that interesting this morning. In fact, it looks like crap! And you wonder whether you had actually written it. No problem. Just toss that paper to the nearest waste paper basket and start writing a new one.
  8. You DO NOT need a topic to start. This is probably the biggest myth ever. Just write. And like I said, you can have different ideas at one go. Just write all of them at different pages. Worry about the settings later.
So I hope that these can help you in your writing. As I had mentioned before, talent and interest are two different things. I must add another, perseverance! Without it, even with talent and interest on tail, it is difficult to succeed.

Put your plan into action and start writing!


  1. It's true about what you've written in this blog. Whenever something pops out in my head especially what I need to do, I'll always use my phone as a reminder and a small note app in my phone to write down whatever ideas flows through my head.

    It's good to write down ideas from your head and place it on notes and papers so that we won't forget and at the same time, we improvise our ideas and use them in good use.

    I'm currently trying to not neglect small ideas that might turn out big ideas for the betterment of my life. We'll never know that whatever we write down might come in handy in our situations.

    I have to travel at least 18 stations to arrive at IUMW. Not a day goes by when an idea pops in my head telling me to do something in the meantime. Even when I admire a small view of the city, I can see the situations around me. I'll write it down and see what I can learn by looking at them.

    When we write something, make sure we read it at the end of the day haha

  2. I hope that this post had benefit you. We only have to put our plan in action. Do not be afraid of criticism. Just go for it!

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