Ikea Cheras

We had never been to Ikea Cheras. So one day, we decided to go there and have a look. I asked my aunty whether she wants to have the new Ikea experience with us, hahaha and she said yes. So we picked her up at Subang and then proceeded to Ikea. Since this place is new, we have to rely on Google Map to bring us there. So this is the address:

2 A, Jalan Cochrane, Maluri, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

And this is the GPS Location. Feel free to click it!

When we arrived, the way leading to the parking lot was not accessible anymore. They had closed the entrance probably because the car park was too full. It was public holiday so this was expected. So where do we park now? We saw a construction site opposite of Ikea and we decided to park our car there. 

This was our parking.

Opposite Ikea.

They are also in the midst of building Ikano Centre adjacent to the Ikea building, just like what they have in Ikea Damansara. From the look of it, maybe it will be completed in another 2 or 3 years. So the only building that you can shop for now is Ikea only, hahaha.

Mr H ready to shop....or eat, hahaha.

Still under construction.

We went inside and were actually lost for directions. We did not know which one is the entrance. There was only one door and it seems people were coming out from it, so maybe that was not the entrance. We asked one of the guards and he told us that the entrance and the exit are the same for now. Alright then, it's checked!

The entrance and also the exit.

People have already ended their shopping, we were about to start, hahaha.

We went straight to the food court. Our main intention were not to shop actually, but more to eating (what else, huh?). Remember, I only had vegetables spagheti for breakfast that morning, hahaha. And the crowd? Wow! I am not sure whether it was because of the public holiday but the crowd was amazing. 

My aunty had to book a place for us and Mr H and me went to get the food. 

The queue was of course very long. I think we had to wait for about 30 minutes before our time finally came to be served. 

Of course meatballs will be top on the list, hahaha. Mr H wanted the spring chicken. He was so tempted by the picture they had shown as advertisement. I took salad and also two pieces of garlic bread. Mr H asked me, "why did you take only 2? Take more." I replied, "because 2 pieces costs us RM 5 already" hahaha. Oh my. No comment on that. Oh ya, because we have the Ikea Family Card, we get 2 cups of coffee for free. 

2 cups of coffee for free.

We did not take any drinks. Mr H and I will always bring our mineral water with us. It's a practice that can save you at least RM 3 per outing :)

So here are the food we ate that day.

Salad and garlic bread.

Spring chicken.

And the ever famous meatballs!

Everything vanished from the plate 15 minutes later, hahaha. 

We had not yet performed our Zuhur prayer so my aunty and I went to pray first while Mr H looked after our bags. We passed by the ladies. At first I was thinking of going to the ladies before going to the prayer room, but then when I saw the queue, I decided to go straight to the prayer room. The prayer room too was packed with women who wanted to pray. I really wish Ikea can build a bigger prayer room for Muslims to pray. It is too small and if my memory serves me right, the prayer room at Ikea Damansara was not much difference from this one either. I hope that Ikea can improve their prayer room. The room is really small and when it is packed, it became very hot because you cannot feel the aircond anymore. There was one mirror for the women to put on their scarves and makeup but since the room is so small you hardly get a chance to go near the mirror. I put my makeup on without even looking at the mirror. I think it was okay because nobody ran away after seeing me walking out from the prayer room, hahaha.

After that we went back to where Mr H was seated and this time it was time for Mr H to go and pray.

We did not do much shopping that day because we just want to try out this new Ikea. So we just walk around Ikea and do some window shopping.

Hey, it's pink!

We wanted to buy this model for my Hello Kitty room before this but it was out of stock. And now that we had already bought a different model, this model came out again! Grrrrrrr....!!!

Can I buy the whole rack?

You can have this.

I think that this Ikea is a lot bigger than the one in Damansara. And there are a lot of items that you cannot find there but you can find them here in Ikea Cheras. Like I've mentioned just now, since Ikano is still under construction so the only place to shop for now is Ikea. The only place to eat is also Ikea.

The only thing we bought that day.

So you too can have a new experience here. Even though not much difference from the one in Damansara, hehe.

But, before you exit, do not forget one thing! Scroll down.



Scroll more.

 Ikea 80 cents ice-cream, hahaha.


  1. Hi sis. Situ ada park moto tak?

  2. Hi, tak sure lah plak sebab haritu dia tak bagi masuk parking penuh sangat. Kami park kat across the road jer. Im sure ada kot :)