Insurance policy- Do you really need it?

Four years ago, I did not have any insurance. I always feel that the insurance agents are a nuisance and were only trying to get commissions when they are chasing after you. Moreover, I was a government servant and of course I am fully covered by the government. I feel that should the need arise, I can go to any government hospital for my treatment. I had been to Putrajaya government hospital few times.

And then one day, I was down with fever. For two weeks I did not recover. My temperature was high constantly. Whenever I took panadol, the temperature will decrease but it will increase again after few hours. I told Mr H I want to go to Putrajaya hospital but he said that it is too far away. What if I am to be admitted? The hospital is so far away and it would be difficult for him to take care of me. So he brought me to Subang Jaya Medical Centre. And of course, the bill after I was discharged nearly caused me a heart attack. Luckily it didn't, or I could have been admitted again hahaha. You see, Mr H had told me to buy medical insurance policy many, many times but I refused to do so. He has insurance coverage already and it drives him crazy that I did not want to buy one. I feel that RM 200 per month for an insurance policy is a waste of money. Little did I know that it costs even more when you are hospitalized WITHOUT an insurance coverage.

After I was admitted in SJMC, and seeing how Mr H had to use his savings to pay for my medical bills, I decided to get an insurance policy for myself. So you see guys, you can never expect when you will get sick. Better be safe than sorry. With me being unemployed now, we will always make sure that the premium is paid every month so that we are covered in case we got sick. Mr H's medical bill for his dengue recently was 4 figures amount!!!! I think that all of us need to have insurance policy even if you are a government servant. Insurance policy is considered as primary needs.

So, if you want to get yourself covered, please, please, please get yourself an insurance policy. I would recommend you to subscribe the Takaful plan from one of my ex student, Fakhri. He can be contacted through:

or email at 
He is an agent for Takaful Ikhlas Berhad.

As an agent for Takaful Ikhlas Berhad, his services include:
1) Financial planning and income coverage.
2) Preparing Takaful plan and Syariah compliance investment.
3) Preparing medical card.
4) Preparing cash relief for death or permanent disability.

Advantages of Takaful
1) The hospital bill and medical cost will be covered by Takaful Ikhlas.
2) Hospital allowance (cash)
3) Indemnity will be given to the beneficiaries in the event of death.

Why do you need Takaful?
1) Death/ Sickness is not predictable. It is advisable for you to start your Takaful contribution as early as possible, when you are still young and healthy.
2) As a preparation for your family if there is loss of income because of accident/ death/ sickness.
3) Your family do not have to beg to pay for your medical bills.
4) To ensure that your family can continue with their life even at times when mishaps happen.
5) Takaful relief will be given based on the hibah principle. So, the beneficiaries do not have to wait to get the money.

So guys, please, my advise is for you to subscribe for a good insurance policy for yourself and also for your family members. You can always contact Fakhri to discuss with him. Don't worry, any complaints just forward it to me as his ex lecturer. Hahaha.

To contact Fakhri go to  Facebook Mohd Fakhri
or email at

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