Jipangi Ice Cream - Sunway Pyramid

This is weird. This is really, really weird. Have you seen this before?

Jipangi Ice-cream - Odd.

This is called the Jipangi Ice-cream. I was told that this ice-cream actually comes from Korea. It looks like a cane, the one that old people use to walk with, only in the upward position. You can choose either to buy the original or junior size. The difference of the price is only RM 1. The original costs you RM 7 and the junior costs you RM 6. 

They also come in 3 flavours, vanilla, chocolate and flavour of the day. 

This is what I ordered that day. I was still full so I just ordered the chocolate junior size. The price is RM 6. No difference in the taste of the ice-cream with other chocolate flavoured ice-cream.

Take a closer look.

But the cane-look-thing, it tastes like Twisties if you ask me. So the location of the store is at Sunway Pyramid, near The Loaf. Recommended if you happen to be there at Sunway Pyramid :)

Lots of fans.


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