Laksa with omelette anyone?

I admit. I am suffering from laksaism syndrom. This is a syndrom where you just have to eat laksa whenever you see it, even though the stomach is crying out loud because it is too full. I just can't say no to laksa. Anywhere, anytime.

The traditional laksa is served with boiled egg. However, this shop has changed the traditional method and serve laksa with omelette. The omelette looks like a bird nest, that is why in Malay it is called Laksa Telur Sarang. The egg looks like the egg that you eat with butter prawn. And I have to tell you that it taste even better with laksa. 

This shop is located in Ipoh. We went there with Mr H's nephew. At first, I just followed the address and we did get lost. This is the address I have,

Jalan Margosa D/8, 31350 Ipoh, Perak

We even stopped by at a clinic so that Mr H can ask someone for direction. Mr H's nephew asked me, "Do you think uncle get the direction from that person?" I said to him, "You see his face there? All smiling and glowing. That means he already gets the key to our destination - laksa!" Hahaha.

So guys, if you are ever in Ipoh and you want to try it out, this is the GPS. It is better to just locate the shop through GPS rather than searching for the address.

The shop is open from 12 noon to 7.00 p.m. It is close every Friday. We arrived there around 3.00 p.m. Mr H and me booked a place. 

Mr H's nephew said that he was full so he went to the drink booth to get a drink.

The shop is a self-service shop. It means you have to place order at the counter. So I went straight to the counter and ordered 2 bowls of Laksa Telur Sarang. The price is RM 33.50 per bowl. Reasonable price. I did ask for Mr H's help to bring the food to where we were seated. So this is our laksa. I hope you are not fasting today, hahaha.

Mr H enjoying his laksa

And then Mr H's nephew came back with this. Oh my! How can I NOT have one too!

I think Mr H's nephew noticed that my mouth was watering, so he asked whether I want one? This is dark chocolate flavour. So, in the spirit of dieting, I said, "Ok, get aunty one!" hahaha. Dark chocolate is less sweet therefore less calories. I am trying to kill off the guilt here. 

When he came with mine, I told Mr H to take a sip and guess what? After he took a sip, he went queuing to get the same drink for himself, hahaha. See how tempting it is?

The drink is so refreshing, trust me! As for the laksa, I had to buy another 4 packs to take back to my brother in law and his wife. One each. Another 2 packets??? DON'T ASK!!!

If you want to try something new, I really recommend you to come to this place. And not only the main dish, it's the drinks too. Oh, Mr H can we go to Ipoh again??? 

2 days later, I received this picture through whatsapp.

Apparently Mr H's nephew had went back to the shop and bought the laksa again for his family. And he said, with this trip he had bought 2 of the dark chocolate drinks, hahaha.

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