Malaysian Pancake (Lempeng)

This morning we had Malaysian pancake (lempeng). It is really easy to prepare. In just 10 minutes your tummy is full with it, hahaha. Recommended to all moms out there who want to prepare breakfast for the family but have limited time to spend and also to all single ladies and guys, because it is just so easy! Seriously, updating your blog needs much more hard work, hahaha.

The ingredients that you need:
2 cups of flour
1 egg
2 cups of water 
(use the same cup that you used for flour)
a pinch of salt
1 teaspoon of butter (for frying)

So, what do you do now? Mix all these ingredients in the blender and switch it on. 

Just another way to make use the blender, hahaha.

Ttrrrrr..... Once all the ingredients are mixed, switch it off.

Heat the pan, melt some butter (1 teaspoon). Pour the mixed ingredients into the pan, slowly. Make sure it fills the whole pan, that means in a circle so it will turn out as pancake.

Round pancake.

Wait few minutes, and then turn over the pancake so that the other side will get even share of heat too.

Once both sides turn brown, your pancake is ready to be served. 

You can have your pancake with butter, honey or milk. But a true Malaysian will have it with leftover curry from last night dinner :) 

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