Mandarin Orange Ice-Cream x Peanut Cookie

This looks delicious! Well, anything that relates to ice-cream is delicious, hahaha. It might be an excellent recipe idea for this coming festive season. To mix ice-cream with peanut cookie??? Wow, the real feeling of heaven on earth, hahaha.

So check this out. This recipe is recommended for festive season but if you want to do it today, nobody can stop you :) 

The ingredients are easy to get too. 

12 peanut cookies 
12 small mandarin oranges (reserve the peel of 1 mandarin orange) 
15g melted butter 
200g vanilla ice-cream 
5 – 8 tbsp sugar (adjust according to liking) 
Toppings of your choice 

You just need to buy mandarin oranges and peanut cookies at your local grocery store. The rest, I am sure you have it at home already.

I will use cut strawberries as my choice of toppings. Wow, definitely a diet-friendly recipe, hahaha.

So, you can watch the video here on how to prepare the cookies. I'm sure your relatives and friends are going to love it!

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