Nasi Lan Kedah Restaurant

Hi, we are both on a diet plan, hahaha. So for today's post we are going to bring you to Nasi Lan Kedah Restaurant, yay! Again, I had read about this restaurant in someone's blog. I actually did not pay much attention to the location stated in that blog. 

However, I was surprised when we passed by the restaurant on our way to Padang Jawa! 

This restaurant is situated near the Padang Jawa JPJ. This is the address.

Nasi Lan Kedah, 2730, Jalan Sungai Rasau, Rimba Jaya, 41300 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

But like I always said, why must you trouble yourself. Just click on the GPS location, hahaha.

Yellow board, yellow rice.

So this restaurant serves rice that is yellow in colour. If you are a fan of Nasi Lemak Royal Alor Setar, the concept of this restaurant is similar to that. 

Wait! There is a stall in front of the restaurant selling iced green tea. My favourite, hahaha. So the first thing I did is to order the drinks first. Iced green tea for me and iced chocolate for Mr H, as per request. Rm 5 each.

 Iced green tea on the left, Iced chocolate on the right.

Mr H of course went straight to where the food is situated, hahaha. Both of us had the rice. Mr H chose rice with boiled egg, vegetables and meat. I chose rice (half a plate!) with fried chicken and vegetables. And both of us told the person in charge to mix all the gravy for our rice!

Gravy, gravy, gravy.

Oh my, how do we choose from here???

The menu.

This is Mr H's plate.

This is mine, mine, mine.

See, it's part of the diet menu, hahaha.

Oh, apparently there is second episode coming in, hahaha. Mr H finished his meal and asked for another plate of rice with squid this time. 

Second edition - Rice with squid.

All in all, I think that the food is really delicious and the price is very reasonable too. I was actually quite surprised when it's time to pay for the food. It is less that what I had expected.

So if you are from Kedah and you miss the Nasi Lemak Royal terribly, why don't you try this place. You won't regret it :)

Ambiance - 6
Price - 8
Food - 7

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