New place to try - Plonxbox

I had known about this place from another blog. The way they describe about this place made me want to try it. They even said it is recommended for those who are on diet too, because everything is grilled so less use of oil. So diet? Checked! hahaha. 

So I told Mr H that we should go and try one day. The location is somewhere near Sungai Buloh. This is the address given in the blog. 

Lot 447 Jalan perusahaan 2, Bandar Baru Sg Buloh, 47000, Selangor.

I just search Jalan Perusahaan 2, Bandar Baru Sg Buloh on GPS and it did bring us to the exact location. Upon arriving, Mr H tried to save the location but he found out that someone had already save the location in GPS as Plonxbox. Well, if only I had search Plonxbox first. :(

So the owner said the name Plonxbox was taken as their brand name because the location of the stall is situated at Plong River. Hence the name Plonx. It is actually a stall, located behind a factory. The owner told Mr H that it is his factory so that is why they decided to run the stall there. There will be a restaurant to cater for this business later but it is still under construction.

The view when we arrived. It was already 12.30 at that point of time so definitely lunch time. This stall is open from 10.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m, Monday to Saturday. However, before you go, please check Plonxbook Facebook. If ever they decide to close the stall for emergency reasons, they will notify us through Facebook.

So, what do they have here? This is the receipt given to me, their menu is printed out here. And the price too.

1. Rice with grilled chicken is RM 4.90
2. Rice with grilled catfish is RM 4.90
3. Rice with grilled mackerel is RM 5.50
4. Rice with grilled beef is RM 6.50
5. Rice with grilled mutton is RM 8.50

The grilling part is done there and then so it would be fresh and still hot when you buy it. All of these come with a free drink (lemon syrup) and it is free flow. They will also include soup, chilli paste and gravy in the packet. So see my order here, hahaha. Can you still classify it as diet? Well, to be fair, three of these are given to my aunty, my brother in law and his wife. So, only three packets are left for us. :)

You can also opt for other drinks that they have there. They have Thai Tea, Green Tea and Mango drink for RM 4.50 per cup. For that day I bought Thai Tea and Green Tea.

Yummy Green Tea! So milky!

Thai Tea for Mr H! But it became mine 10 minutes later, hahaha.

Now, to the best part, the food! I ate rice with grilled beef and Mr H ate rice with grilled mutton.

The food is packed in a box. It looks really neat.

Rice with grilled mutton.

Rice with grilled beef.

I can still smell the aroma of the rice. The food was delicious, and cheap too. Where can you get all these for that price now in KL? 

You can choose whether to bring home or just have it there. They had put small tables and stools if you want to enjoy your food there. 

For now, they are giving out free calendars. Still in the new year spirit right! Hehehe. You can also take more and give it to your friends or relatives. Nice!

So guys, if you are ever in this area, why don't you give it a try. Highly recommended! 

Oh ya, their phone number is  019-322 0995.

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