Petronas Whatsapp and Win!

Look what came in the mail yesterday, hahaha. I won this contest. It was a contest hosted by Petronas. You are supposed to buy any item from Petronas Mesra Shop and then whatsapp them the picture of the receipt. I remember we bought ice-creams and super ring, hahaha.

For the price of RM 5 that I spent, I get RM 100 in return. Praise to Allah. Even though it is just a consolation prize but hey, who wants to give you RM 100 for free? The Arab Saudi government?

So peeps, this is one thing that you can try to do in your spare time. Enter into any contest there is. After all, what's there to lose? If you don't win anything, you can still enjoy the ice-cream and the super ring right? Hahaha.

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