Submitting to Allah

This was not the plan, initially. Mr H and I had a plan to write on something else. However, as I was working on that project, I felt that I just had to write on this. 

As I had said, I was in the teaching industry for 10 years, and I am quite close with my students. They tend to come to me asking for opinions and sometimes just for a chat. I like to entertain them because it gives me a chance to widen my view on certain issues too. There are things that I had never imagine could have happened to anyone, but it happened to one of my students. So, my duty is to guide them and sometimes just be a good listener. People don't need you to solve their problem, all they need is a good listener.

It took me around 2 weeks to complete writing the book. I was thinking about what to write even when I was in my ICSA class hahaha. And the lecturer was teaching about Corporate Secretaryship. I can't help it, that was when the idea for the poem came into my mind. 

That is the other thing I recently discover, that I could actually write poems. Simple one, but meaningful. I was not into literature, in fact if Mr H ever tried to engage me into this kind of conversation, I will pretend to sleep *tsk tsk. But Allah works in mysterious ways I guess. I consider this as a rezeki from Allah.

So, my first attempt. It is not perfect, I agree. But learning is a process.

As of today, I already printed 800 copies. Praise to Allah! Hope that it can make to 1000 in few months time!

Few pointers given by the readers. 

To Book Lover, no matter who you are and where you are. Thank you. - Review on Amazon.

One of my ex students also wrote about this book in his blog. You can read it here

Another review from a sister in South Africa, here.

To read one of the poemI wrote in the book, click here.

So if you want a copy email me I am also on facebook: Zieda Nazri.

If you want to read the PDF copy, 

These are the list of bookstores where you can get the book. 

*The price is only RM 10 per copy. And if you want it to be posted, just add RM 3.70 so the price you have to pay is RM 13.70. I will post it on the same day you transfer the money, insyaAllah.

*** My second book, Candle in the wind, has also been released on Amazon. Read the free sample here!♡

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