The 5th Wave - The review

It was Mr H's choice. So I was glad it was his choice, so I can keep on complaining and grumbling about the movie, hahaha. Mr H said that he was attracted to the preview. I thought only girls fall for advert like that, hahaha. The preview shows something about the end of the world. And he was really, really interested to watch since he had watched the World War Z before. World War Z was a hit. Too bad I can't say the same thing about this movie.

I can't write much about this movie, because then it will be spoilers for all of you who had not watched it yet. Well, if you happened to have extra money this weekend, you can watch this movie. But personally I will choose to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks instead. At least I know I will have a good laugh.

I had also read few reviews about this movie. And I think I have to agree with all of them. There is no mystery in the movie. And when the Other Thing came to earth and keep on hovering Ohio for few days, why didn't the US government do something about it? They have CSI, FBI and CIA, you name it! I am sure they can crack the Other Thing. In the movie, it was portrayed as if nobody can do anything. Except accepting your fate. Well, I always have a problem with that, accepting fate without giving it a good fight.

So the story was about this girl, who tried to reach his brother. He was taken by the Other Thing to a military camp. Both their parents died in incidents caused by the Other Thing. On her way there, she was shot and a hero came to the rescue. Evan is a hybrid, a combination of human and the Other Thing. His mission is to kill all humans but he couldn't do it to this girl because he fell in love with her. Cliche! And the girl was attracted to him too after she saw him taking a bath in the river, shirtless, what???!!! That easy?

So he helped her to find her brother. It was in the middle of this journey that she found out about Evan. That Evan is actually an alien, the Other Thing. 

Well, in the end, the girl saved her brother, Evan bombed the whole military camp. Even though it is a wonder, how Evan can be so powerful, he can take down a military camp all by himself. Even Superman can't do that.

So guys, if you have extra money and extra time to spend, then you can watch the movie. If not, let's watch Dilwale, again and again, hahaha.

Rating = 5/10 (Oh lah)

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