The breadmaker and me

When we were transferred to Kedah, approximately 2 years ago. I was so bored that I started baking. I had no friends and close relatives there. So how do I spend my time then? I started to cross stitch. Sometimes I bake. We already bought an oven by then. But, I wanted to bake bread, but too lazy to knead, hahaha. Oh please. If there is a faster way why must you take the old road.

So a breadmaker had been on the top of my wish lists for ages. Every time we went to a hypermarket, or electric shops, there are two things that I will check. The air fryer and the breadmaker. But the price was too expensive. Some brands had put the price up to one thousand ringgit. We could not afford that...

So imagine the look of my face when I saw this breadmaker at Tesco Shah Alam! The brand name is Tesco and the Code is BM 10. I just can't believe my eyes. 

But we are on a tight budget since I resigned so I know very well we cannot spend on unnecessary things. But I've been eyeing for this breadmaker for a very long time and Mr H knows about this. So this is me looking at Mr H's face that day, with hopeful thought that he can read my mind, hahaha.

And luckily Mr H said YES!!! Oh thank you so much b!!!. I promise to bake the bread you like every day! 

We tried it the very next day, after we brought it home. I googled for few simple recipes. I will share some with you later. At the same time, Mr H was telling his families in their family whatsapp group that we are baking bread now guys! Hahaha. 

One of Mr H's nephews is a chef. So he told us to slice the bread and look if there are holes inside the bread. If you can see the spongy holes that means your bread eventually turns out to be a bread, hahaha. A nice one. So guys, this is the tips. Bread is a bread when there are holes in it. Like this. Watch the video as Mr H sliced the bread.

Mr H slicing the bread like a pro.

The bread looks yummy!

We even made a video to show to Mr H's nephew. And aren't we proud that a chef gave an A for our bread! Yay!

It is very easy since then to bake bread. And we had never once bought the G brand anymore. You can also ensure that all the equipment and ingredients used are clean. Sometimes I like to add sunflower seeds and chocolate chips to my bread. The preparation to get all the ingredients together is just 5 minutes! Then you let the breadmaker does its job. It will knead and bake for you. Usually the process will take about 2 plus hours. And what can you do in the time of waiting? Sleep? Do the laundry? Watch movie online? Sleep again? Hahaha. And then you will start to smell the aroma of the bread. The smell will fill the house, seriously! So yummy! You will wait beside the breadmaker and slowly telling it to speed it up!

This breadmaker has so many functions. It can also bake cake for you. It can also just knead dough, for example if you want to have donuts. You can fry the donuts later in your frying pan. It can bake bread, the white one, with raisins, the wheat bread? You name it. I will share some of the recipes here. It can also function as an oven. Meaning that you prepare the dough somewhere else and then you put it in the breadmaker and push the bake button. It can even make jam for you. Yup the jam that we eat with bread and butter!

So many functions to try!

So if you ever want to get yourself a bread maker, you can shop at Lazada. Better still because you don't have to waste time to drive, and waste money on petrol and tol. You just have to wait for it to be delivered at your doorsteps. This is the link for the Tesco bread maker.

After you had bought one for yourself, I promise, you will never ever want to buy bread at the stores anymore!

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