The ETS journey

We had been planning to try the ETS for more that a year already. However, time always have a different story for us. So when we received news about Mr H's sister in law, we thought that this would be a good excuse to try the ETS to Ipoh.

I tried to buy the ticket online at first. I went to the KTM website. What I noticed at that time, there are ETS that go straight to Ipoh and also ETS that stop at few stations before it reaches Ipoh. I am not concern with the stops, as long as we reach Ipoh, hahaha.

Anyway, the booking online was easy and I nearly paid the amount stated in the website. The price is RM 35 per trip so for a return ticket, it will cost you RM 70. Since Mr H will be my knight in the shining armour, hahaha so I have to buy 2 tickets. That means I have to pay RM 140 for both of our tickets. However, as I was about to pay, I noticed that the price stated is RM 148. Internet banking charges is RM 4 per trip???!!! I immediately cancelled the transaction. Since Mr H was actually in KL for his class, I told him that I will go to KL by commuter. We will meet at the KL Sentral and we can buy the tickets there from the counter. So that we can save the RM 8. Stingy? Hahaha. Well, it's important to be careful with our spending nowadays. And also, once we are in KL, maybe I can ask Mr H to bring me to a good restaurant there? Hahaha.

Ok, so we met at KL Sentral and we went to the counter. Firstly, you have to queue to get your number and then you have to wait for your number to be called. Don't worry because there are many seats available for you to sit while waiting. 

The counter.

Mr H requested for seats that will be facing the front because he has a thing with seats facing the other way, hahaha. Honestly, sometimes I feel dizzy too if I had seats facing against the way the train is going. 

 Our ticket. So finally we get to pay RM 140. Not RM 148, hahaha.

The morning that we had to take the ETS, we went to KL Sentral by motorcycle. Because we were expected to arrive KL again in the evening around 8 p.m. If we take the commuter, we might be stuck at KL Sentral forever, and if we take the car, we will also be trapped in the jam. 

At KL Sentral, you have to go to the second level. The ETS will depart from there. So we went there straight after we had safely parked our motorcycle at the parking bay. We did not park it at the KL Sentral building. We parked it at the building opposite of KL Sentral.

On our way to the second floor. I saw something. That attracted my eyes. Nasi Lemak! Hahaha. Nicely wrapped in banana leaf. I told Mr H that I want to buy the Nasi Lemak. So he went to the cashier and told him he wants to buy 3 packs of Nasi Lemak. The cashier said the price for all is RM 11.70. I was shocked!!! That means it's RM 3.90 per packet?!! Mr H then put back one packet and we paid for 2 packets only. I can't wait to see what's inside the packet.

Sharp 9 a.m., we were called by the person in charge at the gate. So we went quickly to the gate. After you had passed the gate, you have to take the escalator down and that is where your ETS will be. 

Selfie before take-off, hahaha.

After we had settled down, I opened the Nasi Lemak packet, carefully because it's too expensive I'm afraid that I might break it, hahaha.

Oh ya, did I mention that the price of that Wonda Coffee is RM 3??!!

The RM 3.90 Nasi Lemak.

 With 3 pieces of anchovies.

We were not satisfied with the size of Nasi Lemak so we had to buy another packet on the ETS. Good excuse? Hahaha. 

 This is the Nasi Lemak they sold on ETS. It reminds me of Nasi Lemak Pak Nasir on AirAsia.

 Mr H with his book writing. 

Ample space, I have to say. Mr H had even done some writing on board. But I just can't. I felt dizzy because I can feel that the train is moving. So too bad, I did not do any work. I did open my Ipad but then I turned it off after few minutes. 

There were also plugs available to charge your phones, laptops etc. And the toilet is just like the one they have on the plane. Wow! Hahaha. I was amazed to see the toilet.

All in all, it was a nice journey. But we arrived few minutes later than the ETA printed on the ticket.

No pictures were taken on our way back because we were too tired...from eating Laksa Telur Sarang, hahaha. 

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