Ya Mutakabbir

Too many things going on in my life now. I am multi-tasking, few things... Well, hoping that everything will turn out well. Got few tips from Mr H. One of it is to recite Ya Mutakabbir, one of the Asmaul Husna. True enough. Magic happens in life when you really practice it. Once I was sent to a room full of files, left to right, floor to ceiling. I was asked to find a file. 

Picture Credit to Google.

Yup! A file. One file in all that mess??? How could one simply complete the task? The files are everywhere. I wanted to give up, then I remember Mr H's advice. So I keep on repeating Ya Mutakabbir to myself. Guess what? I found the file in 10 minutes time. It seems impossible, but Allah ease everything for me. Alhamdulillah :)

So now, can anybody give me any tips on how do you force yourself to perform tahajud. I switch on my alarm every night but.... well you know what happen, every night! I will hit the snooze button until it is time for Subuh hahaha. Haih, ya Allah forgive me!

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  1. Alhamdulillah, It's good to always recite the Asmaul Husna. I remember my dad always play it every night during Mahgrib and it keeps playing it my head as a child. It's amazing that it calm me down every night.

    In Syah Allah, we will all face problems with ease mind, patience and guidance from Allah SWT.

    Sincerely, A.