A student named Daniel

Daniel was my student during his Foundation studies. I remember in the first class, he asked me what are the books that I recommend. Because his father wanted to buy him all the books that I recommend. I was surprised to see a student so eager to learn and wanting to know more in the very first class. Moreover, he was still fresh from SPM. 

He was very studious. He will see me regularly for consultations. And during this time he will share with me his ambitions. 

After foundation, he continued to study at UM for his degree. He was still in touch with me. Sometimes I received emails from him asking my opinion on current issues. And then one day he asked whether I could be one of his referee, because he wanted to apply for the Tun Suffian Scholarship. I agreed. I had no doubt whatsoever that he would get the scholarship, because of his excellent performance in his studies.

Few months later, he told me that he had received the scholarship award. He wanted me to attend this ceremony. I had to decline because I had class scheduled on that day. But he said he was invited to give a speech and he wants me to be there so that I could listen to the speech. I rescheduled my class and agreed to go to UM.

This is the video that was recorded on that day. 

I was in tears listening to his speech. But I told him the dust got into my eyes, hahaha. Click here to watch the video and listen to his speech.

Alhamdulillah, Daniel now has graduated and working in the private sector. Or should I say a glamorous private sector, hahaha.  

Congratulations Daniel. I know for a fact that you will succeed in life. You already had it in you. I am indeed a proud teacher.

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