Alissara Restaurant

This is Mr H's favourite restaurant, before we even met. It serves authentic Thai food and the food is really delicious. After I tried the Tom Yam Bot Pecah, I fell in love with this restaurant. It is located at Puchong.

This is the GPS Location for Alissara Restaurant

We went there recently to celebrate .... actually I am not sure what we wanted to celebrate, hahaha. But a milestone is still a milestone, even if there is no stone in it :P

Here we are! Alissara Restaurant. 

As usual, we were given the menu. I noticed something different that night. The prices for all types of food listed were increased, sob sob. This will definitely burn a big hole in our pocket. It used to be much cheaper. Well, who can blame them anyway. With the GST and everything, they are probably under pressure to increase their prices because if not, they couldn't cover their cost and the business would be running at a lost.

So, sadly we had to cancel Tom Yam Bot Pecah from our menu that night because the price was not within our budget. Mr H ordered Koay Teaw at first, then he decided to order a plate of rice. Hmmmm.....

Should I or shouldn't I exercise after this? Hahaha.

When the food came one by one, our noses can't smell anything except of their aroma.

This came first, fresh orange for Mr H.

This is a Thai dish known as Meang Kam.

Close up of Meang Kam.

Omelette - Curry Hijau Seafood. I had just known that even omelette has varieties.

Mr H's Lime Koay Teaw, which later became mine, hahaha. I promised I only take the soup.

Prawn with lemongrass. Superb!

The sambal belacan is a must try! It's so hot. We had tears running down our cheek but we still continue eating!

See, Mr H and his plate of rice. That's why I had to eat his Koay Teaw as well, hahaha.

So, if you have extra money to spend, you can come here. Both of us have to start saving before we can come here again, hahaha. But no complaint about the taste of the food. Alissara promised you authentic Thai food, so that's what you are going to get!

Food            :   9/10
Ambiance    :   7/10
Price            :   6/10 *It used to be 8, but it is quite pricey now.

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