Ayam Golek Lima Bintang Nara Restaurant

Mr H and I had been trying to go to this restaurant for ages. I had read somewhere that their grilled chicken is the best in town. Once, we tried to go there around 9 p.m. Sadly, it was closed because of the Raya Haji holiday. Frustrated! And then, one of my ex classmate in UM posted about this place in her facebook. Aaaaa....why oh why???

Few times Mr H tried calling the restaurant and was told they were closing down early as they did not have water supply then, and another time they did not have many workers on that day so they have to close down early. Hmmm...

So last week, after we had completed our task in KL, both of us were really hungry and we thought of stopping by at a restaurant to eat before going home. But where? 

I glanced at my watch. It was around 4.30 p.m. Then I remember about this place. So I asked Mr H, "Do you want to go there?" He agreed. Well, he never disagree on anything if it is food related, hahaha. This restaurant is located near Pantai Dalam.

This is the restaurant.

Close up.

This is where we parked our car. Plenty of space that day but Mr H said it might get congested at night.

In the restaurant.

 It was 5 p.m. so maybe that's why it was still empty. I was told that during the Ramadhan, the queue will be very, very long.

Ok, now to order. We were given the menu. They serve Thai food as well but the main reason why we went there is to taste the famous grilled chicken. So both of us ordered the Grilled Chicken and Rice. Diet? Hmmm, it was the day off for diet :P

Some of the available menu. Most are served with grilled chicken.

Mr H went to where they were grilling the chicken. The chicken looks like JLo :P

Our Grilled Chicken with Rice. Served with hot soup, chilli and ketchup.

Everything is seriously delicious, even the plain soup. It looks plain but the taste...wow!!! And the grilled chicken. You can taste the spices that they used to marinate the chicken. The aroma of the rice is strong. We were told by one of the cook that they take 2 hours to cook the rice from scratch. No wonder it tastes so good! No dispute at all.

We ordered the same choice of food. Mr H asked for warm water, on diet maybe, hahaha. And I asked for tamarind juice. 

I guess it was worth the wait. Now that we had tried it, we can recommend it to others. The taste of the grilled chicken can easily compete with Kenny Rogers chicken. And the price is only RM 23 for the whole chicken.

By the way, this is the phone number. Please give them a ring before you plan on going, just to be on the safe side.

Mak Som : 0133869499

Because it tastes so good, we had to bring home 1 whole chicken :)

And half of the chicken was eaten on the same night. :P

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