Bali Retreat

We went to Bali about 4 years ago. We enjoyed our stay there, of course. At that point of time, we stayed at Nusa Dua. We were told that even though Kuta is the centre of attraction for tourists, it is actually quite noisy with a lot of activities going on. So that was the reason why we stayed at Nusa Dua but we did go to Kuta for sight-seeing and to have our pictures taken at the HardRock Cafe, hahaha.

Looking at these pictures make me want to go there again. Even though the majority of the population are not Muslims, but they are used to having visitors coming over. So the people there are quite friendly. You can ask them anything, they will try their best to give you an answer.

Like all couples that went to Bali, we also had dinner at Jimbaran. And I think until today I had never experienced such a romantic sunset and also eating delicious seafood dinner at the same time. Hmmm, now I notice that eating and romantic can actually be in the same sentence, hahaha.

These are few hotels that were recommended by this website.

Wow, imagine doing your writing here with this kind of view. I promise I will come out with 100 books in a month, hahaha. 
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OK, this kind of view makes me dizzy, do people really swim in that kind of pool. But I like the idea of having coffee under the shades though.
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Oh my, private room, private pool, private eating place! 
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What can I say? Spa with view? Listening to the birds churping while getting massage?
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So, after seeing all these, Bali has to be in our wishlist, again! Sigh... Don't you wish money falls from the tree, hahaha.

For more suggested beautiful place to stay at Bali, check this page out. Click here.

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