Checkers Cafe, Dorsett Kuala Lumpur

Food again, hahaha. So this has officially become our part time hobby now. And I think soon to be a full time hobby, hahaha. This time around we tried to have semi-buffet dinner at Checkers Cafe, Dorsett Kuala Lumpur.
This is the GPS location of Checkers Cafe, Dorsett Kuala Lumpur.

I bought this semi-buffet dinner voucher from Groupon. It was only RM 20 something. And since I still have RM 17 credit in Groupon, I ended up paying only RM 40 plus. I think it was a good catch. Semi-buffet means you will be served with one main course, which you can choose from the menu. They have meat, chicken, duck and seafood. And then the rest is from buffet.

Mr H chose this steak.

I chose salmon. Diet theme, remember? Hahaha.

I ended up eating Mr H's steak. I am not sure why but the salmon tastes funny. Maybe if it is grilled longer then it will taste better. Mr H took my share of salmon and squeeze lime on it. He looks happy eating the rest of the salmon, hahaha. But I have to admit that the steak was really, really good. It's juicy and you can feel the tenderness of the meat. 


They had a sushi counter, but they did not refill it even though half of the serving was already taken. The soya sauce had finished too and they did not refill that either.

Diet theme, hahaha.

 Rojak, but the sort-of bread was really hard, I think I nearly lost my teeth trying to take a bite, hahaha.

Salad. I uploaded this picture on Facebook and many of them did not believe this is the only dish I took that night. Hmmm, you know me better then, hahaha.

Crab meat soup. Good for dengue fever.

This is Mr H's all time favourite - fruit cake. But not for that night. He said the cake was a bit stiff.

I took few desserts to try too. 

Ice-cream. Perhaps it is not well-refrigerated because it's too soft. Hmmm....

I will recommend you to try this place only if you buy the Groupon voucher. The original price is actually RM 70, even for a semi buffet. And the setting of the cafe was a bit crowded too. Not a relaxing place to hang out with your partner or friends. But then again, it's your money, hahaha.

Ambiance    :   5
Price            :   7 (If bought by using Groupon voucher)
Food            :   6

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