Chemistry Cafe + Lab at Shah Alam

I had a date with my ex-classmate during UiTM time, Fir. She said she's coming to Shah Alam so let's go for a drink! Well, I know for a fact that drinks must be accompanied by food, hahaha. So Fir told me that she wanted to try this place, Chemistry Cafe + Lab at Section 7, Shah Alam. 

We promised to be there around 3 p.m. but both of us arrived there at 4 p.m. hahaha. Well, talk about tardiness :P

The concept of this place is like a lab. I was not a science stream student so I just play along with the concept. All the beakers and other lab equipment can be seen once you enter the place. 

You have to place order at the counter and then your order will be delivered to your table. So this is the waiter delivering our order.

You think the waiter was confused? So many order for just 2 persons? Hahaha.

Left: Matcha Green Tea Ice Blended, Right: The Lady Boss coffee ice blended recommended by the waiter. In beakers.

On your mark, get set, go!

Trust me. The lasagna was not mine. *Wink" to Fir, hahaha.

I ordered Seafood Carbonara and the taste was really good. Definitely recommended. Big shrimps too!

Lasagna and Pavlova.

This is Fir's order. I think her food must be delicious because I did not have a chance to taste it at all. It was gone the second time I looked at her plate, hahaha. 

We had not met for months so the gossiping session continues without a full stop, or even a comma. We had to order another batch of food. I seriously hope the waiter will not recognize us, hahaha. The girls who ordered food one after another. 

Nobody should know we ordered more!

So these were our next orders.

Pancake with ice-cream and also onion ring. 

I wonder why there is no clear picture of the onion ring. Oh well, less evidence to implicate us, hahaha.

All in all, it was a nice hangout place. It's great to have a quick catch up with you Fir. Let's do it again shall we?

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