Gods of Egypt - The review

One student had been talking about this movie before it was even released. So I was really excited to watch. The trailer did give the impression that this movie is going to be a hit! We watched this at Sunway Putra Mall, KL.

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Two gods fighting.

The story was based on ancient history of Egypt. It started when Set, the god of darkness took over his brother's crown by killing him. In doing so, Set had bypassed his nephew who was supposed to be next in line of the throne. In the process, Set also had took out the nephew's eyes for himself. So Horus was left blind and he retreated to his parents mausoleum. The uncle, Set took over Egypt and run the country like a dictator.

Horus then fought with one eye.

A thief named Bek then who has undying love towards his girlfriend appeared in the movie to help Horus to take over the throne again. Problem is Horus was blind, both sides. So Bek who's a professional thief, had stolen one eye from Set. Set's mission was to take the power from all gods and become immortal for the rest of his life. So he killed all the other gods and take their power one by one.

I am quite confused at times watching this movie because there are so many gods with special powers to remember and sometimes they look the same :P especially the women, all of them wore the same dress and makeup, hahaha.

The main character in the movie.

Of course, there are lots of challenges that Horus had to go through. With the help of Bek they fought everything together. You see, Horus is a god, and Bek is a normal human being. In the movie you can see that the gods are bigger and taller than the human. But god still needs help from Bek (human) here. Confused? :P

It was a good movie if you want to learn more about the history of Egypt. Make sure you bring along your pen and paper to take down the names of the gods because there are just too many of them to remember :P

So, if you are planning to watch a movie this weekend, this movie, Gods of Egypt, should be on the top of your priorities list!

Gods of Egypt Official Trailer

Rating    :   7.5/10

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