Have you experienced Guangzhou China?

Mr H had mentioned about this place few times. I think it's because he has heard it from his friends that Guangzhou is very beautiful. If only money is not the problem, we will be on the next plane to China now, hahaha. So what is so great about Guangzhou? What will be the places of attraction?

1. Canton Tower

This Tower is like our KLCC because it serves as the landmark of Guangzhou. It is the tallest in China and also the third tallest tower in the world. Wow!

2. Lotus Hill

Lotus Hill is surrounded by a beautiful lake. This must be the best scenic spot.

3. Sacred Heart Cathedral

It is quite similar with the one in Paris. One of the many tourists attractions here. It has unique features of being mysterious and solemn.

4. Temple of the Six Banyan Trees

This temple was named after the presence of six banyan trees in the temple. The compound is quite soothing and cheerful.

5. Flower City Square

The gardens are filled with sunflowers with the seeds flown all the way from Japan. The view must be magnificent. Sunflower is the symbol of sunshine and hope. 

So after reading through all these facts, when will be your turn to go to Guangzhou? :)

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