Hello Kitty Town Johor Bharu

These are last year's collection, hahaha. I had been begging Mr H to go here for ages. And finally he agreed. I was still working at that time. I remember that some points of argument I put forward to Mr H, on why we had to go to this place are:

1. I had presented my thesis proposal in my Research Method Class in UM.
2. I had sit for the ICSA paper, Corporate Governance, although the result is not released yet, hahaha.
3. I had finished marking for that semester.

Try marrying a lawyer, and you need points of submission for every little thing that you want to do, hahaha.

We decided to stay at Grand Bluewave, JB. The hotel was marvelous and the price is reasonable. It's very spacious. You get the feeling of 5* hotel once you enter the lobby. 

The main reason going to JB was of course the Hello Kitty Town. It is located at Puteri Harbour, Nusajaya.

This is the GPS Location for Hello Kitty Town JB.

It takes around 30 minutes from our hotel to go to the HK Town. The HK Town offers indoor activities, so the weather is not going to be a problem. Anyway, I bought the ticket earlier from one website, so that there can be no reason for Mr H to cancel our plan, hahaha.

You can buy the ticket from this website.

Yay, finally. Thanks Kitty, because you are so big, you make me look petite, hahaha.

Going inside.

Once you had entered the place, you can see that there are lots of HK fun activities. My first attraction was of course, HK themed house. Oh my, I really wish I can have a house like this. But when I told Mr H my plan, he grunts. Do you think he agrees? Hahaha.

This picture was taken when we were in the HK cups. It's supposed to go round and round. And yes, Mr H had to accompany me taking this ride, hahaha.

If you know where they are selling this kind of sofa please tell me, and I don't care what Mr H thinks, hahaha.

With Queen Kitty.

Aaaaaa... so many miniatures.

If you give me this kind of PC, I promise that all my work can be completed on time, hahaha.

I wanted this design for my HK room at home, but we still couldn't find anybody who can do exactly like this.

And I promise that if you give me this kind of kitchen, I will cook everyday, without fail!

Mr H said he will give me this kitchen for my birthday, in my dream. Sob sob.

Wll, Mr H seems happy.

Our bathroom at home is too small to include this.

Oh, I wish we have extra space at home to put this. Oh but then I have to be careful when my nieces come to my house, hahaha.

My friends said I am crazy because I worry about my HK collections whenever my nieces come to visit, hahaha. Sorry ya. But Maklong prefers to buy you new ones and keep all her HK collections for herself, hahaha.

I had one HK cabinet at home, Mr H was so kind to install it. But not as pink as this.

The bathroom. Can I sleep in here? Hahaha.

All this HK collections make me hungry. Bye! Going to the cafe now, hahaha.

HK drink!

The waffle was supposed to look like HK, but I think it looked like Kitty, who was involved in a car accident, hahaha.

Nasi Lemak HK. Maybe Mr H is a strong supporter of HK, because he finished half of this Nasi Lemak, hahaha.

After that we went to the place for cookie's decoration. Each of us were given a plate and a HK cookie for us to decorate. You can watch the video here. What fun we had! Hahaha. Mr H took step-by-step video on how the cookie was supposed to be decorated.

The plate given to us. Do you think they will notice if we take this home, hahaha.

Honey to glue all the fancy schmancy decorations.

Make sure you watch the video to see how it was done.

Mr H was testing his creativity too. 

This is Mr H's cookie. But I think mine look cuter, hahaha.

After the cookie decorating class, each one of us got this necklace. Mr H got one too but he gave it to me. So now I have two, yeehhaaa!

Oh, there was also a concert scheduled. We were in luck because the concert started just after we had finished our cookie decorating class. Ok, to the concert now!

Kitty dancing.

I did follow few steps, shhhh.. Hahaha.

This is a video taken by Mr H. 

 In between of Kitty and Daniel.

Mr H and Mr H. Can you spot the difference, hahaha.

Mr H trying to save a trapped Kitty. 

Then it was time to go home, sob sob. We stopped by at a cafe on the ground level. There is also a merchandise shop but I only did some window shopping here. Because the moment I touch something, Mr H will give me his 'Buying again?' look, hahaha. Oh, I dreaded that look ok!

Red Bow Cafe.

We were still full. So just sitting there and relax.

It was a memorable experience, for me especially. To all HK lovers out there, you really have to come here and experience it yourself! Let's support HK Town, yay!

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