It's Valentine's Day! - #Relationship goal

Your partner is the one who knows the real you. Whether you snore at night, or how terrified you are of cats, hahaha. Once the contractor that renovated our apartment saw Mr H's picture as my Ipad wallpaper and he commented, "Oh my. You see each other everyday, don't you get bored?" Hahaha. 

There are of course activities that you wish to do with your partner alone. Our plan is to travel the world together, as backpackers. Although Mr H frown at the idea because no matter how I promised him to travel light, my makeup bag alone will take a large space in the car's bonnet, hahaha.

Reading this article make me want to start doing all these activities with Mr H straight away. The only hindrance that we have now is the money, hahaha. Oh well, that's everybody problem. So 2016 theme will be 'Savings up!" in order for us to go to all of these places. Come and join us!

1. Watch the sun go down in Athens, Greece.

Do they provide dinner while we are doing this? Hahaha. I'm sure I will be hungry by the time the sun goes down.

2. Take a bath like never before in Istanbul, Turkey.

Perhaps this is the greatest spa on earth since they recommend you to go to Istanbul to get this kind of treatment.

3. Catch up with the Northern Lights at Yellowknife, Canada.

Mr H said he has always love Canada even though he had never set foot there. Maybe he will agree if I suggest this to him.


Wonderful ideas for couples to do, to spend the time with each other. If you want to try this out with your partner, you are most welcome to. See you in Canada, hahaha.

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