Jemari Restaurant, Section 7 Shah Alam

If you feel that you need to spice up your life right now, why don't you head to Jemari Restaurant, located at Section 7 Shah Alam. You won't only get spice but jazz in life too! Hahaha.

The front look of the restaurant.

Our colleague brought us to this restaurant 4 years ago (the Kelana Jaya branch) and we were both hooked since then. 

This is one of our favourite restaurants whenever we want to celebrate something. Oh yeah, we always celebrate even the smallest event that happen in our lives because life is just too short to miss on anything, and a milestone is still a milestone!

So that day we went there with Mr H's brother and his family. Since there will be many of us, Mr H had called the restaurant to book a place for us. The dinner was scheduled at 8 p.m. Mr H's brother and his family arrived at our house around 7.30 p.m. and after Maghrib prayers we pushed off to Jemari.

This was our seat that night. Not our usual favourite spot because that spot can't accommodate for more than 2 persons. 

Colourful cushions! Colourful Mr H! Hahaha.

Since this is the first time Mr H's brother and his family came to this restaurant, they gave us the autonomy to order, hahaha. So being the Queen Control that night, I ordered what I prefer the most :)

I see Tom Yam Pok Tek here!

This is Tom Yam Pok Tek. I was told that they added evaporated milk in it. Usually Pok Tek is cooked with only seafood.

Fried chicken with tumeric. One of Mr H's nieces loves to eat fried chicken, so we ordered this for her. But I think we ate more than her, hahaha.

Pad Ka Praw Beef. Mr H's favourite!

Mango Salad. Mr H's sister in law requested this.

Water spinach salad. I give 20 stars for this dish! 100% recommended! Sometimes Mr H and I come to this restaurant just to order this!

The famous sambal belacan.

Mr H taking the rice. Errr Mr H, I thought we are on diet, hahaha.

The drinks. Mr H ordered calamansi juice. Next to it is Ice Lemon Tea.

I ordered carrot juice. Diet mode guys! Hahaha.

 Ok, half done. Work harder!

Congratulations! We did it! Hahaha.

Happy faces. No acting. 100% happy! Hahaha.

I personally think that the price is very, very reasonable. Few times I was ready with more cash than what the cashier asked for. It's my habit to do mental calculation before I place order but I can never get it right with this restaurant, hahaha. Keep it up!

So guys, if you happen to be in this area, I seriously recommend you to come here and try their food. They also have another branch in Kelana Jaya. You can also find your way there through this GPS location.

Please, please try their water spinach salad. I guarantee you won't regret it!

Ambiance : 9/10
Food : 10/10
Price : 10/10

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