Krispy Kreme - Buy One Free One

We were in Empire, Subang. And then I saw something. Something caught my eyes. I had to rub them few times because I couldn't believe what I saw. Is this for real?

Buy One Free One!!! Yay!!!

Krispy Kreme.

I was so happy at first and then a bit frustrated when I saw that the banner states that it is only for weekdays. I went to the counter to ask and I saw this.

Anytime, unlimited time. Yahoo!!

My question was answered even before I had the chance to voice them out, hahaha. So it is for anytime, unlimited time. You can order your buy one free one anytime you like. They have a wide range of choices like vanilla, green tea and coffees flavour. I ordered green tea (diet mode) and also mocha.

We are on diet, so we ordered green tea, hahaha and mocha.

Valentine's offer.

Valentine themed donut.

Hi ladybird, are you single on Valentine?

So guys, make sure you drop by at their counter to enjoy this offer. With our economic situation now, anything categorized buy one free free one is a must buy, hahaha.

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