Malay traditional game

I was browsing through the pictures and saw these. I remember that these pictures and videos were taken about 10 years ago. My brother was in the US and he had to present in class about his country's culture. So he asked us to pretend that we were playing these games and record it. Hahaha, what fun we had. 

We were so excited to be featured in his presentation. Because that would mean all his classmates will see us. And they came from various countries! It was the fastest way to be famous, hahaha.

The actors and actresses were of course us, the siblings and the cousins. We managed to film three Malay traditional games. So here goes.

1. Congkak.

There are 2 players in the congkak game.

Each of the holes must have 7 marbles. The one who got the most marbles will be considered as the winner. For the congkak, you can buy it from shops selling traditional games accessories. But I remember when I was a kid, my cousin and I just dug holes like this in the ground and called it as our congkak. For the marbles, we went to find the rubber seeds in the rubber estate next to our grandmother's house.

This is how to play the game. Watch this video on how to play congkak.

You need to find 7 pebbles to play the game of Batu Seremban. One must master the technique of throwing the pebbles and then catch it as soon as possible. No pebbles can touch the ground or you lose.

This is how to play the game. Watch this video on how to play Batu Seremban.

Take a stick and then draw the boxes on the ground. You have to jump inside the boxes by using one leg. It is indeed very difficult to balance yourself with only one leg. So if you step outside the box, even accidentally, you lose.

This is how to play the game. Watch this video on how to play Teng-teng. 

Well, we had fun while acting, hahaha. And my brother said his classmates were also amazed with the videos. So the effort is well paid off :)

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