Mermaid - The review

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I had known about this movie from a blog that I followed. The Director for this movie is the same Director who had directed CJ7, Stephen Chow. If you still remember the small green alien thing, hahaha.

We went to watch this movie at MBO, Subang Parade. This time around we get to redeem a small popcorn and a drink, yay! The perks of being a Star Club Member of MBO. It is so easy to register too and of course, free of charge. Just go to this website and register yours.

The Mermaid is classified as a romantic comedy movie. It started with a playboy who bought the Green Gulf area where its inhabitants are full of sea creatures. His company then started a sonic project to clear off that area. Many of the sea creatures died from the sonic ray. What they don't know is that some of the sea creatures are actually mermen (I hope this is the correct term) and mermaids. 

The mermen community are very angry with what had happened that they want to take revenge against the playboy. The most beautiful mermaid was sent on a mission to make the playboy fall in love with her so that he can be lured to the mermen's place and they can kill him. 

A lot funny incidents happened. As expected, the mermaid and the playboy fall in love with each other and then the playboy discovered the real truth about her. I really fell in love with the octopus character. He made me laugh throughout the movie, hahaha. Every time he appears, the whole cinema bursts into laughter. The most favourite scene was during the teppanyaki cooking. Oh my God! It was so funny!

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If you want to have a good laugh, I really recommend you to watch this movie. The morale of this story is to love our planet and to respect other beings too, non-human included. So what are you waiting for? Visit the nearest cinema and have a good laugh yourself!!!

Rating   :   8.5/10 

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