Mitsui Outlet Park

The day we went to visit Mr H's nephew, we brought him to Mitsui Outlet Park. Of course, it was my idea to go there, hahaha. Just for sightseeing, not the shopping. We went there few months ago and during that time not many shops had started their operation. This time around I just want to see if more shops are open from the previous time.

This is the GPS Location for Mitsui Outlet Park.

You can see the word Mitsui from afar. As you are approaching the place.

Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang. It is very near to KLIA. People usually come here to spend some time before they board their flight.

 Ample parking space. But Mr H's nephew told us that it will be packed during weekends.

It's good they built this path with the roof. This is essential during rainy days.

We went inside and just window shopping from one shop to another. We have nothing to buy that day, just passing the time. It was quite empty because we went there during a working day. Like what Mr H's nephew told us, it might get crowded during the weekends.

You can actually lie down on the floor. Nobody will walk on you, hahaha.

No one on the escalator too.

I suddenly noticed that Mr H was out of sight so I looked back, trying to find him. Guess where he was?

Inside a Chocolate Shop, hahaha. Mr H oh Mr H.

He came out from the shop offering his nephew the chocolate he bought. His nephew then passed the packet to me. I declined because I don't like raisins in chocolates. And guess what Mr H said to his nephew? "That's why I bought these chocolates with raisins because aunty hate them". Mr H... looking for trouble, hahaha.

A picture with the monkey, in the spirit of Chinese New Year.

Since everything was expensive, we went to the Food Court area, with the hope that they are selling something affordable. We saw the Old Town White Coffee. Mr H and his nephew ordered Iced Coffee and I ordered Hazelnut Iced Coffee. And I also ordered toast bread for us to share, hahaha.

Can you tell the difference? I know I can't.

 The toast bread was wrapped in a paper bag. A good way to support the environment.

So, I have nothing much to comment about this place because we only went there for window shopping. But I do see few brands having clearance sale there. You might want to give it a try!

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