My father's bedtime stories

When all of us siblings were small, my father will tell us a story every night. Before he sent us to bed. He didn't have to do much. The stories will definitely make us sleep so soundly. It was a repetition of the same stories, again and again every night. But without the stories, the five of us just wouldn't go to sleep. So here's how the stories went...

"Once upon a time, there was a monkey. He was very hungry so he decided to go and find food. However, as luck would have it, a car hit him while he was trying to cross the road. And he died from the accident. The end."

Hey, I died in that story? Hahaha.
Picture from Google.

See, less than 5 minutes effort, hahaha. But we love it because we get to hear about different animals every night. Tonight will be the monkey turn, tomorrow will be the rabbit, the day after will be the giraffe and the list goes on. All same plot but different characters. All of them were hungry, they wanted to find food, they tried to cross the road, and a car hit them. They died. The end. Hahaha.

I died too? Did I go to heaven?
Picture from Google.

But believe it or not, without the stories, we refuse to go to sleep at night. :)

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