Nasi Padang Kak Ann, Paya Jaras

Once upon a time, Mr H asked me, "So what kind of stories will be in your blog dear?" And I replied, "It will be full of motivational quotes and inspirational stories". Looking at this blog now, can you just pretend that food is part of inspirational stories? Hahaha.

This restaurant is located at Paya Jaras, Sungai Buloh. Actually it is very near the Plonxbox stall that I had blogged about before. It is just by the roadside and there is a shop called Dr Cermin opposite this restaurant. However, there is no signboard in front of the shop :(

This is the GPS Location for Nasi Padang Kak Ann, Paya Jaras.

And GPS movie picture as well

The front look of the restaurant.

People coming non-stop.

It serves Padang food, and the best Avocado Juice I had ever tried. Sadly, they were out of avocados during our last visit. The last time we went there, the Avocado Juice only costs us about RM 5. Cheap isn't it?

No avocado that day so I ordered Fresh Orange.

What I like most about this restaurant is that you can take a heap of the green and red sambal without being afraid of getting overcharge. This is the highlight of Padang food. The sambal which is cooked before it is served.

The green and red sambal.

Initially Mr H said he was already full but then when he saw me taking the dishes, he changed his mind. This man can change his mind in just split seconds where food is concerned, hahaha. 

Some choices of dishes.

All ready to be taken by us.

Do you see the sliced beef with chili. Our favourite!

Even the fried fishes look tasty in that restaurant.

Close up of the fishes. Some cooked with chili and some just fried.

So if you are ever in that area, please do drop by at this place. The dishes are all tasty, no complaint at all and the price are very reasonable. They served wide range of vegetables too. Good for diet! hahaha.

Ambiance     :   6
Price             :   9
Food             :   9

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