Nasi Padang Minang Batang Kapeh Restaurant

This restaurant serves Nasi Padang. It means that they offer variety of dishes. It is located at Salak Tinggi.

This is the GPS Location for Nasi Padang Minang Batang Kapeh Restaurant.

We arrived there around 2 p.m. Mr H's nephew told us that this restaurant is packed if you come at 12 noon, because it is lunch time.

This is the front view.

You have to choose the food yourself. Take a plate and help yourself. You can see in the picture people lining up to get their choices of food.

See, no rice. I told you I am on diet, hahaha. This is my plate.

Grilled catfish. The gravy they used to marinate the catfish was delicious.

This fish belongs to Mr H. He is NOT on diet, hahaha.

Mr H's plate. Oh look, he remembers to take some veges, hahaha.

Mr H's nephew's plate.

See, Mr H pretending not to eat anything. But then who took a bite of the fish???

Happy faces, because food is right in front of our face, hahaha.

Overall, I am satisfied with the food and service. They have all sorts of gravy and vegetables. If you are into Minang food, you can try the food here.

So Mr H, where is our next stop for food, hahaha.

Ambiance    :   7/10
Food            :   8/10
Price            :   7/10

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