Ola Bola - The Review

I told Mr H that I wanted to watch this movie. Without elaborating about the content, the theme etc. Mr H thought that this is a Hollywood movie so he agreed. Maybe he thought that the word "Bola" really means something in English, hahaha. 

I'd been trying to book a ticket for days. The cinema was always full. So when I saw that there were empty seats on Sunday, I quickly made a booking. Can you imagine that I made the booking while we were in the car, on our way to send the maid home to Subang. Imagine the outfits that we were wearing, hahaha. Enough said! We even stopped by at the fragrance shop to try few samples of perfumes before we went into the cinema. Sshhhhh!!!

 Ola Bola! 
The theme : Unity.
You will believe again!

So Mr H was surprised when the movie started. He didn't realize that Ola Bola was actually a Malaysian movie. He was skeptical. The reason being why I didn't brief him about the movie. But I had read good reviews about this movie so I really want to watch. The first few minutes after the movie had started, Mr H kept eating the popcorn and sighed. I did notice this but I pretend that I didn't notice, hahaha.

But, wait! After the first few minutes, I saw that he was really enjoying this movie. He even commented on few things because he can remember the event that was portrayed in Ola Bola! Well, I can't relate at all. The scene took place in 1980, I wasn't even born yet, hahaha.

Ali, Tauke and Muthu.
The portrait of Malaysia.

What can I say about this movie? It managed to make me cry and nearly brought Mr H to tears. A big hug should be given to the Director, because all the actors/ actresses are newcomers and had no experience in acting, but you can't see their flaws!

The story line, started when Marianne, a journalist was sent by her boss to do some research on Malaysia national football team in the era of 1980s where they were feared by their opponents. There will be a surprise at the end of the movie, on why the boss sent her on the mission.

So she finally met Eric, in Sabah. Eric was one of the striker on Malaysia national football team back then. He was the one who unfold the stories about what had happened during that time. Even though they won the pre-Olympic game, but not many know the challenges and hurdles that they had to go through. This is a movie about unity. And I have to give full rating for it! For the record, I was never and will never be a racist. Rasulullah (PBUH) is of Arab descendants, should we disregard him just because he is from a different ethnic.

The scene where Muthu was scolded by his father at the hospital lobby really touched my heart. It reminds me of an incident that I went through few years ago. 

The director was brilliant to include the army training scene. I think it inspires many of us, to fight on. And lastly, where Malaysia decided not to send any team to the Olympic because of some political issues. That was again brilliant! You see, the point here is that, the footballers know for a fact that they were not going to Moscow even if they won. But whatever! All they focused on that time was to win over Korea, and they did! So you see, in life, we have no control over things. What can we do as humans? Just present our best and pray. And even if it turns out to be different from what we want, what the heck! We already did our best.

4 thumbs up!!! To Chiu, the director of the movie. (I had to borrow Mr H's thumbs for these, hahaha.) You guys should really watch the movie. 150% recommended. 

"You will believe again"

Rating : 10/10

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