Oxford Summer Courses 2016 Event- Hotel Istana, KL

Mr H and I attended this event on the 25th of February 2016. We thought of getting some information for us to pass on to the students, if they are interested. The event was meant to promote the Oxford Summer Courses 2016. The summer course is supposed to be held for 2 weeks. It's always nice to get new experience along the way, so if you have the means for it, why not?

The purpose for this summer course is basically to build knowledge of the subject and also to highlight your resume by making a statement that you have extra interest in that subject. You can tell your future employer that you had put in extra effort to attend a summer course in Oxford to learn more about this particular subject.

The speaker was Rob Phipps, the Director of Summer Courses himself. He explained to us about the programme, which sounds really interesting. You get to meet new people, with new environment and of course new experience. There are also various subjects to choose from. Amazingly, majority who came yesterday were interested in law. Go law! Hahaha. 

He told us that the courses will be conducted by having tutorials, one tutor to 2 students most of the time. Wow, this is amazing! You will get 100% attention from the tutor and the discussions you will have in class can definitely turn into fruitful discussions. The tutors are all the staffs of Oxford and usually they are researchers attach to Oxford.

Oxford itself does not need to be introduced. It has been there for hundreds of years. With colourful and outstanding achievements. 

The subjects available for the summer courses are:

  1. Biology
  2. Chemistry
  3. Classical Civilization
  4. Computer Science
  5. Creative Writing
  6. Economics and Business
  7. English as a foreign language (EFL)
  8. English Literature
  9. Geography
  10. History
  11. International Relations
  12. Law
  13. Mathematics
  14. Medicine
  15. Philosophy
  16. Physics
  17. Politics
  18. Psychology
  19. Theology

Personally I would choose International Relations. It might help me with my PhD thesis on Extradition. Sadly, I cannot register for this summer course because of the age limit. It caters only for students age 10 to 24. 

The fee is £ 3, 695 for one subject and you don't have to pay all in one go - you can opt to pay the deposit first (£ 500) and then paid the rest in installments. The price includes:
  • Teaching and materials
  • Accommodation
  • Evening meals
  • Banquet on Friday evening
  • Cultural activities
* For Muslims, you need not worry much because HALAL food will be available. 

The dates available for 2016 are from:
  1. 26th June to 9th July 2016
  2. 10th July to 23rd July
  3. 24th July to 6th August

So if you are interested in taking this summer course for 2016, please do visit the website and register yourself. You will be asked to fill in the form and to write a personal statement about yourself. Maybe you want to stay there longer so why don't you register for more subjects. :)

Here is a video for you to watch about this summer course.

Good luck and have fun!

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